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July 25, 2017

Sun at Midnight by Rosie Thomas

Review by Susan Roberts

This is the first book I've ever read about Antarctica and the setting was absolutely beautiful.  The author gives wonderful descriptions of the landscape and the ice and it almost makes the reader feel chilly even when reading on a hot day.

July 24, 2017

July's Reading Round Up #MondayBlogs

by Donna Huber

I have been reading 8 or 9 books a month, but this month it looks like I'm only going to read 5, maybe 6 books (I still have a week!). Work has been really busy with long hours on the computer which makes my eyes tired. Also I haven't listened to any audiobooks this month. I'm on the wait list for 2 at the library (one is Victoria, which I started last month but then when on vacation and didn't get it finished before it was due back). Also I've been listening to the lectures on Plagues, Witches, and War: The Worlds of Historical Fiction on It's been really enjoyable.

So here are the books I've read, am reading, and will read forthe month of July. See if you can spot my summer reading trend (which was totally not planned on my part).

July 23, 2017

Engaging: Watch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown

Review by MK French

Billie Flanagan, a former radical, had become a Berkeley mother with some need for freedom. She had started hiking and backpacking by herself on weekends, so it wasn't unusual for her to go away, until she didn't come back at all. A year later with no contact, the courts are ready to declare her dead. Her daughter Olive starts having visions of her, and her husband Jonathan is trying to write a book about his marriage as a way to cope with his grief. Both start feeling that Billie is still alive and try to search for her.

July 22, 2017

A Lovely Book: Luellen & Lucy by Dee DeTarsio

Review by Susan Roberts

The Civil War has just ended and after all the hardships that they suffered during the war best friends Luellen and Lucy are living together in a run-down house with their possessions that survived the war. They have been best friends for their entire lives and almost seem to be able to read each other's thoughts.

July 21, 2017

Get Paid for Your Influence

by Donna Huber

You have worked hard to grow a following on social media. You take the time it needs to nurture a fan base that interacts with your content. Don't you deserve to be compensated for that time and effort?

July 20, 2017

#BookReivew: Oola for Women by Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl

Review by MK French

I will admit right off the bat that I'm not usually the kind of person that will go for self-help books because my free time is so limited that I'd rather read something fun. When the request for this book came through, it happened to come at a time when work had gotten markedly more stressful with a change of computer system along with less ancillary staff, my youngest deciding that tantrums were fun, and my older two children deciding that yelling was much better than screaming. Feeling a little frazzled, I figured that I could give this book a try. The world is certainly unbalanced, and I'd never heard of the Oola system before. Why not?


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