Readers' Favorite

December 12, 2020

Patricia Sands Celebrates 10th Anniversary of THE BRIDGE CLUB with Expanded Edition

by Susan Roberts

"The Bridge Club: eight women, close to hitting their sixty-five year sped bump.  They were never anything resembling Desperate Housewives or YA-YA candidates, but simply great friends since their footloose days of finding the way through their early twenties." (p 7)

December 11, 2020

A Tragic Story Set During the 90s AIDS Epidemic: LAZARUS RISING

by MK French

In 1992 New York City, Dempsey Coates offered firemen a place to stay as they battled a blazing fire on a cold winter night. Johnny Donegan fell in love with her and is determined to make a life together with her despite her HIV positive status. The unexpected good luck that might make it possible comes between them in a very tragic way.

December 10, 2020

Two Fantasy Novellas for Busy Readers

by MK French

Today I have reviews of two fantasy novellas. Novellas are great for busy readers (and who isn't busy this time of year?). They usually have more story and character depth than a short story but are still quick reads. Both novellas are in the subgenre of mythology or folklore. The first novella,which came out this week, is focused on Asian culture. I felt the second novella, which published this year, has a really good message.

December 9, 2020

Explore the World with Nonfiction

by Susan Roberts

My goal for 2020 was to read 10 non-fiction books.  So far this year, I've read 11 and exceeded that goal.  Here are reviews of the last three nonfiction books that I read  - two are travel books and one is about the ecological issues in the Great Lakes.

Book and Cookies - Review of The Hollow Places and Recipe for Oreo Truffles

by Alison DeLuca

If you've read my other reviews, you'll predict my Christmas reads will include ghosts. There is a reason that The Christmas Carol was always my favorite December read, and that reason was not Bob Cratchit. 

December 8, 2020

An Awesome Audiobook Filled with Great Characters: THE HEADSHRINKER'S BRIGADE

by Donna Huber

On most days, Julia Longley felt like a passable fraud. But on Friday night, as she sat in the newspaper editing room next to her friend Graham while he ran through his day's photos, this belief slid under her skin like electricity. (p. 1)

December 7, 2020

Danielle Martin's Beautiful New Novel about Friendship: GLIMMER AS YOU CAN

by Susan Roberts

"This was all so different. Lisa had been living in Brooklyn for her entire life but she had never beheld a place like this. Women streamed around the space, holding delicate cups of drink, as others sat cross-legged next to the mannequins, making pastel sketches of fashion. Still others emerged from the fitting room, modeling glamorous ensembles for clusters of friends.  It all sparkled..." (p 22)

December 6, 2020

Highly Anticipated Sequel in Paige Shelton's Alaska Wild Mysteries: COLD WIND

by Donna Huber

Cold Wind by Paige Shelton was my most anticipated new novel for December. It definitely lived up to expectations.