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February 10, 2018

4 Books to Read This Month

by Susan Roberts

The weather is still perfect to wrap up in a blanket with a hot cup of tea and a good book. I have read some great books that will be published at the beginning of February that will help the month pass quicker.

February 9, 2018

Review: Sherlock Holmes and the Miskatonic Monstrosities by James Lovegrove

by MK French

Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. John Watson had many famous adventures, but many of them were altered to edit out the occult and eldritch phenomena they had worked with. In this particular instance, a man in Bethlehem Hospital with no memory is speaking in the language of the Old Gods. Holmes and Watson start to undertake the search for his identity and find more than they thought they would.

February 8, 2018

Review: Steal Away Home by @BillyCoffey #tlcbooktours

by Susan Roberts

Steal Away Home starts during Owen's first and probably only Big League baseball game. His entire life has been focused on baseball - it's the one thing that kept him close to his dad and the one thing in his life that he knows he excels at. Why then is he 29 and just playing in his first major league game after years in the minors?

February 7, 2018

Review: Second Guessing by Gail Ward Olmsted

by Susan Roberts

Jill Griffin & Ben Fein are meant to be together… said no one ever!

Second Guessing is a story about love in the celebrity world and how the media handles and sensationalizes stories that are personal.

February 6, 2018

Review: By the Book by Julia Sonnborn

by Elisabeth Scherer

There are two things I think of when I think of February. First of course is Valentine's Day. The second thing I think of is I love to read month!  Back when I was in elementary school we would do a readathon during February and I indulged with relish.  Now my six-year-old son is gearing up for the same tradition this month. It is wonderful to see him excited to read new books.

February 5, 2018

Review: An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

by Susan Roberts

AN AMERICAN MARRIAGE is showing up on all of the lists for the 'best books of 2018' and after reading it, I agree.  I was lucky to win a copy from LibraryThing and thrilled to be able to read an early copy.

February 4, 2018

Review: Women Float by Maureen Foley

by Donna Huber

As you may recall, I went through a huge backlog of emails at the end of last year. I found quite a few ebooks that were sent unsolicited. A few were passed on to my other reviewers, but some I kept for myself. Women Float is one of those ebooks.