Readers' Favorite

October 12, 2019

The Midnight Call by Jodé Millman ~ a Review

by MK French

Corporate attorney Jessie Martin received a call from her mentor Terrence Butterfield at midnight. The high school teacher states he killed someone, and she rushes to help him immediately. However, this implicates her in the murder, and he doesn't exonerate her of any charges when he has the opportunity to. Now Jessie has to figure out the truth of the murder to exonerate herself, and it literally becomes a fight for her life.

October 11, 2019

Let It Snow by Nancy Thayer ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

Did you know that Nancy Thayer wrote Christmas books? I love her summer books set on Nantucket, so when I saw Let It Snow at NetGalley I had to pick it up (though I already had too many ARCs for October). It is just as wonderful as any of her beach reads. Now I don't know if I want to visit Nantucket in the summer or in the winter.

October 10, 2019

One for the Blackbird, One for the Crow by Olivia Hawker ~ Review

by Susan Roberts

"The seasons don't cease to change because we haven't the time to plant or tend or harvest, because grief like a hailstorm comes up sudden and frightens us with its noise.  Once the storm rolls on, the fields remain and life goes on, whatever we prefer." (p32)

October 9, 2019

What the Dog Knows: Young Reader Edition by Cat Warren ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

I typically shy away from books about animals as they often make me cry. As I had learned of this book in a science writers group I'm in, I figure it wouldn't really be sad since it was more about the science of scent and how dogs use the sense of smell. And I can tell you now that there isn't any sad stuff about the dog in this book. It is quite an interesting book, in fact.

October 8, 2019

The Widow of Rose House by Diana Biller ~ a Review

by MK French

New York City, February 1, 1875
Alva Penrose Rensselaer Webster had been inside Delmonico's for nine seconds before Mrs. Henry Biddington asked the maitre d'hotel to throw her out. Alva knew because she'd counted them out: one, no one had noticed her yet; two, casual glances to see who had just come in sharpened; three, people began to nudge their neighbors; four, the whispers started; five, they turned anger; six, Mrs. Biddington, gray-haired battle-axe and leader of society, flagged her waiter down; eight, the maitre d'hotel crossed to her table; nine, Mrs. Biddington made an outraged gestured towards Alva and began to complain in a voice piercing enough to be heard clear across the room. (pg. 1)

October 7, 2019

Lost Child: The True Story of a Girl who Couldn't Ask for Help by Torey L. Hayden ~ a Review

by Susan Roberts

"Children with reactive attachment disorder can be highly manipulative if they sense they have found a soft spot and it was possible that Jessie had surmised that sexual abuse was something that would keep me engaged. As a topic, it was beginning to dominate our conversations and I was unsure if this was because Jessie was working up the courage to reveal abuse or because she was playing me for all I was worth." (p 269)

October 6, 2019

Chandler Hill Inn Series by Judith Keim ~ a Review

by Susan Roberts

The Chandler Hill Books series is set in Willamette Valley, Oregon. This is an excellent area for vineyards and wine and the characters have an inn and a winery in this lovely area. Book 1 is Going Home, Book 2 is Coming Home and the third book in the series - Home at Last will be published in 2020.