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September 22, 2012

From the TBR Pile: "Three Scoops" is a Blast by Alex Carrick

"Three Scoops" Is A Blast! is a collection of short stories set in the past, present and future.

While this second installment in the "Scoops" series does contain some stories about the family and the modern work environment, it branches off into somewhat longer fictional pieces than appeared in Two Scoops. These latter tales wander through time and space or consist of made-up conversations that take amusing, ironic or unexpected turns. From
Published September 2010 by Carrick Publishing
ISBN13: 9781452862552
Goodreads, IndieBound, Amazon
*I received a free copy during The Indie Book Event

About the Author:
Alex is married with three children, plus a lazy dog and crazy cat that round out the household. Much of the family’s life revolves around the cottage on Georgian Bay. He resides in Toronto. His wonderful wife Donna is a well-known author in the crime and intrigue fields. From

Praise for "Three Scoops" is a Blast!

"I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions." ~ Emily (Heinlen) Davis, Goodreads

"A choice pick for short story fans." ~ Midwest Book Reviews

Connect with the author:
Twitter: @Alex_Carrick

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Captivating: Fly into Fire

Fly into Fire (Extrahumans #2) by Susan J. Bigelow
Published January 2012 by Candlemark & Gleam
ISBN13: 9781936460182
Read September 2012
Source: Publisher
Goodreads, IndieBound, Amazon

Have you ever read a book that is so different from what you normally read that you aren't sure why you like it? The Extrahumans series is like that for me. I love the story, but from it's description it isn't something I would normally read - so I'm having trouble saying why I like it so much. Though, I just want to say, "Go, read it!" I feel I need to give you more so here goes...

I read the first book Broken (read my review) and was totally consumed. It's taken me awhile to get to the sequel just because I had so many other review books to read. But I was looking for something different to read because I felt like I was in a rut. I knew when I spied the file on my Nook that it was exactly what I needed and it didn't disappoint

The cast of characters is expanded and the focus isn't so much on the characters from Broken. Don't worry you do get to catch up on what they are doing. It is three years after the end of Broken and the Reform Party is in total control. Sky Ranger is on the run with a band of refugees. It is this band of merry men and women who play the leading roles in Fly into Fire

I perhaps liked Fly into Fire a bit more than Broken. We learn more about the world Susan has created which I love - I think that is definitely a point that is important to me in science fiction and fantasy books. I was happy that I had the third book all ready to go when I finished Fly into Fire. It was great to just continue the story without a break and I will have the review for Spark on Tuesday.

Your Turn: What is an important component in scifi/fantasy novels for you? 
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September 21, 2012

FlashFiveFriday: Weather

English: Weather vane, Hartgrove A very apt we...
English: Weather vane, Hartgrove A very apt weather vane on the Old School House. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I'm a mood reader. Depending on what mood I'm in, I might pick up chick-lit or a book about a homicidal maniac. Weather influences reading habits - think about all the "Beach Reads" that were heralded by publishers just a few months ago. Now as we head into fall we are seeing Back to School reads and soon "cozy mysteries" to curl up with by the fire will be the go-to genre. When it is chilly and rainy, there is nothing better than cuddling on the couch with my pets, a cup of cocoa, and a good book.

Are you a mood reader? Does weather influence your choice of reading material? If so, what books/genres are you picking up?

#FlashFiveFriday is a weekly flash fiction/flash blogging prompt.

The rules are very simple if you’d like to take part:
1) Write for no longer than five minutes
2) No upper or lower word limits
3) You must write something new
4) You can prepare your post ahead of time but the 5 minute limit still applies
5) If you add your blog post to the weekly linky you must visit five other blogs that week too to show your support

 Read more at The Indie Exchange.
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Friday Fun with Elizabeth Delana Rosa

The Daily Juggle…

The last few weeks have been a blur for me. I’m finishing up the last touches on my first book, Child of the Loch, I’ve moved and I overhauled my website to make it more user friendly. It never occurred to me what wives, mothers, girlfriends and others who are very relationship oriented went through. Up until recently I was single, unattached writer. I spent my days blogging, writing and doing the occasional chore. Sure I lived with family but I went to my “hidey-hole” my room or some space in my head. The world just faded away as I vacationed on my own planet.

All that changed when we moved to the Tardis. The Tardis is the new home to my mom, my boyfriend and me. I’ve had a few minutes to post my misadventures in my new house but the biggest change is my new found respect for the men and women authors, who participate in the daily juggle.

Lately I’ve become laundress, author, cook, blogger, support system and cuddler, that hugs my mom and my boyfriend when they’ve had horrible days. It has been quite a transition and I feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes seeing the mountain of boxes that can’t be unpacked until the dryer gets a new hook up and actually having to turn off my computer at a decent hour.

It’s been a great adventure. I’ve learned the true meaning of the daily juggle and the value of maintaining my identity as a writer and a person.

I am learning my new roles and appreciating the family who supports me and loves me even when I only come out to cook.

Thanks for having me and enjoy the adventure that is life.

About the Author
I have always been a writer. When I first learned to write in Kindergarten, I wrote about pigs who "groo" wings and became "butterfys." I knew way back then that I would have a love affair with writing. It over took my life and has been a constant companion. Now over 20 years later, that love flows over into writing blogs, reviews, poetry and fantasy novels. 
Connect with the Author
Facebook Fan Page
Myspace Page
Twitter Page

Pinterest Page
Tumblr Book Blogs
MSN Live

23 year account, J.J McDonnell has spent her life trying to be normal and hide her gifts, but all dreams of normalcy are dashed on her 24th birthday. A handsome guy shows up on her porch with a marriage edict and news of the grandfather, that she never met, has died. Her world is about to change forever. J.J must make the perilous journey to the Loch and take her place on its throne, with no idea what is expected of her and dark forces closing in at every turn. Will J.J. be able to accept her destiny or will she stopped before she can?

September 20, 2012

Now Playing: Silver by Keira Michelle Telford

Find Silver: Acheron by Keira Michelle Telford at Goodreads, IndieBound, and Amazon.

Watch more trailers here.
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Tips on Thursday: Analytics

Sea Wolf, the first video game to use the term...
Sea Wolf, the first video game to use the term "high score". (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A fellow blogger mention the other day that looking at their blog's stats is kind of like trying to make high score on a video game. I mentioned in my post about user engagement that we really shouldn't worry too much about the number of visitors, page views, etc and worry more about how much we interact with our followers. I still maintain that, but I also know we all can't help but peek at our numbers and set goals we hope to meet in terms of followers, visitors, page views. There are a number of analytic programs that will help you determine your blog's stats. Each offers its own set of metrics and you will find when comparing them the numbers don't often add up. So here's a brief overview of the programs I use and how best to use them to make informed decisions about your blog.

Blogger Stats

I use Blogger as my blogging platform. They declare their stats are the most accurate. I do not get great depth with their analytic tool, but it offers some insight and it is easy to read. My daily page view counter starts at 8 pm ET, which would be midnight GMT. I can choose to track my page views or not. Obviously, if I want truly accurate data I don't track my views. I can see number of page views since 8 pm the night before, for the past 30 days, and all time. I can also track referring links, which pages viewed, search terms and country of visitor in the last 2 hours, past 24 hours, past 30 days, and all time. According to Blogger, I have decent numbers. Between 8 pm Tuesday and 8 pm Wednesday, I had 748 page views.

Some drawbacks - lack of details. I don't know how many of those page views were made by unique visitors. Perhaps 1 person visited 748 posts/pages on my blog (I don't think I have that many so that isn't really a possibility, but you get the idea). Also it could be taking into consideration bots that crawl my blog. Since Blogger is owned by Google and Google runs most of the bots that they could eliminate bots in the count, but I don't think they do.

Google Analytics

This program provides a lot of data about your visitors. You must install a bit of HTML code into your template for it to track visitors. I just checked my data and the numbers were pretty low - 586 visitors in the past 30 days (the previous 30 days had 2,752 visitors). I changed the template for my blog in the past 30 days and I did not re-add the code (just did it). You can find out a whole bunch about your visitors - how they found your blog (including social media), where they are located (city, state, country), where they went after coming to the first link. It also gives you your bounce rate (the number of visitors that come to your blog and leave after viewing one page). For bloggers it is common to have a high bounce rate since most visitors are coming for the new post.

Some drawbacks - I have not found a way not to track my visits. And the sheer amount of data can be overwhelming. Google Analytics uses a script which means that it can malfunction. If a script on another page stops working and the person has stopped it, then the script on your blog may not work. Some adblocking software prevents the script from working, so your numbers could be lower. Also it does not track mobile visitors.

For tracking trends, Google Analytics is great.


I really like I don't think you can use it on Wordpress blogs though (my Wordpress friends highly recommend JetPack). I have the free version so I don't get as long of a period of data, usually can only see 7 days. According to, I've had 781page loads, 592 unique visitors, 466 first time visitors, 126 returning visitors in the last 7 days. You can block your own visits by adding a blocking cookie. I like their search term data and Country/City/State/ISP date. When the guy from Fox Entertainment contacted me, I was apply to verify that a Fox Entertainment server had connected to my blog. I like how I can track a visitor's path, including how much time they spent on my blog.

Some drawbacks - because I have the free account I don't have access to longterm data, which can make it difficult to see trends. I'm not sure if it is tracking mobile visitors, either.

Alexa Rank

I've started to pay attention to my Alexa Rank because it is fun (that high score mentality I mentioned earlier). Your blog is being ranked with ALL websites on the internet - meaning you are competing with Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, etc. I find the little blurb about your site interesting. This is what mine says today:

There are 891,243 sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than About 49% of visits to the site consist of only one pageview (i.e., are bounces). We estimate that 54% of visitors to the site come from the UK, where it has attained a traffic rank of 53,647. It is located in the US, and visitors to view 1.5 unique pages each day on average
Interestingly, it's the only site that gives such a high number of UK visitors. Sometimes I will rank high for a particular city (typically Atlanta). The rank is updated daily. I like that I can see sites that have linked to my blog.

Take Away Message:

Analytics can give you great information about your blog. Is there a certain day that gets more visits than others? Where does most of your traffic come from? Where do visitors go after they land on your blog?

Don't get hung up on the actual numbers, but look more for trends.

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Have it Your Way $200 Giveaway

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September 19, 2012

From the TBR Pile: The American Girl

If you listened to the radio show Friday night, I mentioned this book.

The American Girl by Monika Fagerholm
In 1969, a young girl makes a trip from Coney Island to the swampy coastland on the rural outskirts of Helsinki, Finland. There, her death will immediately become part of local mythology, furnishing boys and girls with fodder for endless romantic imaginings. Everyone who lives near the swamp dreams about Eddie de Wire, the lost American girl. . . . For both Sandra and Doris, two lonely, dreaming girls abandoned in different ways by their parents, this myth will propel them into their coming-of-age through mischievous role-playing games of love and death, in search of hidden secrets, the mysteries of the swamp, and the truth behind Eddie’s death. The girls construct their own world, their own language, and their own rules. But playing adult games has adult consequences, and what begins as two girls just striking matches leads to an inferno that threatens to consume them and tear their friendship apart.

Crime mystery and gothic saga, social study and chronicle of the late sixties and early seventies, a portrait of the psyche of young girls on the cusp of sexual awakening, The American Girl is a bewitching glimpse of the human capacity for survival and for self-inflicted wounds. Fagerholm is a modern-day heir to the William Faulkner heritage of family tragedy, with a highly musical and literary prose style that is rich with wit and literary allusions. The American Girl will teach you the meaning of trust as you give yourself entirely to the original storytelling style of Monika Fagerholm.
paperback, 507 pages
Published February 2010 by Other Press
ISBN13: 9781590513040

About the Author:
Monika Fagerholm’s much-praised first novel, Wonderful Women by the Sea, became one of the most widely translated Scandinavian literary novels of the mid-nineties and was nominated for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. In 1998 it was followed by the cult novel Diva, which won the Swedish Literature Society Award. Her third novel, The American Girl, became a number-one best seller and won the premier literary award in Sweden, the August Prize, as well as the Aniara Prize and the Gothenburg Post Award. From

Praise for The American Girl:

"It’s a radioactive fairy tale, with adults known only by nicknames (the Black Sheep, the baroness) and facts twisted into fantasies." ~ California Literary Review  

"There is something fresh, new, and original that made up for the meandering." ~ Maya,

"The plot is thrilling and narration is just beautiful." ~ Insomnica,

Get the Reading Guide from 

Buy at IndieBound and Amazon.

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E van Lowe: How to Create Characters We Love to Hate (guest post)

The original Dallas series was a big hit on TV when I was young. The show’s protagonist was also one of the show’s villains. J.R. Ewing, billed as the man we love to hate. It was that appellation that first got me thinking about creating characters readers would both love and hate. J.K. Rowling did a masterful turn at this in creating Severus Snape. Even his name told us to hate him, and yet there was something alternately charming and redeeming about the man that over time drew readers to him.

In creating the Hollyweird series I had this idea in mind. I wanted to create characters that we may not like in the beginning (ala Snape) and yet in time, would grow to love them, or at least understand them. In writing my first YA, Never Slow Dance With A Zombie, I created a selfish protagonist in Margot Jean Johnson. I thought it would be fun for readers to see how she justified her mean and selfish actions before I set out to redeem her in the end. My editor at Tor warned me that readers might have difficulty identifying with Margot. But I wanted to write a flawed protagonist and did. While that first book sold well, the reviews were mixed. A LOT of young women hated Margot. Lesson learned.

I always strive to create characters that ring true, that readers actually come across in real life. Characters we might not like at first glance, but we recognize as people we know. In writing The Zombie Always Knocks Twice I made sure the characters we will eventually love to hate were not my protagonists. Anne Marie, Kris’ hateful older sister, and Talia Multisanto, Kris’ adventuresome, boozing best friend who has a knack for starting trouble, are peripheral characters in this first book. Still, my very first review on Goodreads had this to say about Talia:

I don't see how Kris and Talia could ever be best friends when they're so different. And Talia is also a great piece of work, if I may add. What with the drinking, venting on people, acts of revenge etc.. She's gotta drive Kris crazy one of these days.

The reviewer hated Anne Marie even more. The good news for me, however, is the reviewer still really liked the book. By making my protagonist likeable, I didn’t hurt the reader’s perception of the book as a good read. The lesson for all writers is while it is great fun to create flawed, not very likable characters, when writing YA, we should make sure our protagonists offset the other characters’ un-likability.

The Zombie Always Knocks Twice went on sale a few days ago. Author Amanda Ashby (Zombie Queen of Newbury High) says of the book "E. Van Lowe is a writing force to be reckoned with…a big zombie thumbs up!" I hope you will agree.

About the author:
E Van Lowe is a native of Bronx, New York. He began writing at the young age of 10. Throughout his teen years, he continued to write. After graduating from Lehman College, E pursued his writing dreams in Los Angeles. While pursuing his Masters in Professional Writing at University of Southern California, he sold his first short story to a romance novel. E has gone on to write for many award winning TV shows including: The Cosby Show, and Even Stevens. He also co-wrote the Academy Award nominated short film, Cadillac Dreams. Never Slow Dance With A Zombie was his first teen novel. He is also writing the Falling Angels Saga. Learn more at

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September 18, 2012

Now Playing: INZARED, Queen of the Elephant Riders by L. Leander

Find INZARED, Queen of the Elephant Riders at Goodreads and Amazon.

Watch more videos here.

400th Post: Teaser Tuesday

Since I have been a bit slack in my reading since meeting my reading goal for the year, I didn't have a book finished to review today. I thought I would share a little smidgen from the two books I'm currently enjoying.

From Fly into Fire by Susan J. Bigelow
Painfully brilliant orange-red light streamed in from the viewports as Calvasna's ancient sun set over the brown, blue, and white ball below. Sky Ranger could see the lights of Confederation City radiating out from the dark circle of Crescent Bay like a starry spider crouching on the surface of the planet. Calvasna had no other real cities beyond the Confederation's burgeoning new capital. from Chapter 14
Find Fly into Fire at Goodreads, IndieBound, and Amazon.

From Broken Harbor by Tana French
Fiona was waiting for us outside HQ, drooping against a lamppost. In the circle of smoky yellow light, with the hood of her red duffle coat pulled up against the cold, she looked like some small lost creature out of fireside stories. I ran a hand over my hair and locked Dina down in the back of my mind. "Remember," I said to Richie, "she's still on the radar." page 149
Find Broken Harbor at Goodreads, IndieBound, and Amazon.

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Should be Reading.

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Harry Potter Complete Series (Blu-Ray) Giveaway

Mommy Bear Media is all about good, clean movies for kids and families! They carefully examine all movies and TV shows and only sell the best family-friendly movies. They also specialize in Christian movies and the best new movies on DVD and Blu-ray. Mommy Bear Media has partnered with Mom Powered Media to bring one super lucky reader the complete 8 Film Harry Potter Collection on Bluray! This amazing 8 disk set includes:
  • Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
  • Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secret
  • Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
  • Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
  • Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
  • Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part I
  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2
You can purchase the Complete Harry Potter Set on Bluray from Mommy Bear Media for 99.99. And you can win one right here! Mommy Bear Media has offered one super lucky reader their own set! Please make sure you read the Giveaway Rules before you enter! This giveaway is brought to you by Mommy Bear Media and Mom Powered Media. Girl Who Reads is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.

September 17, 2012

Bloggers Wanted: Kuerig Vue V700 Giveaway

The American Family Keurig Event is hosted by Mom Powered Media.

Prize: Keurig V700 Vue Brewer
The event dates: 10/8 - 10/29
Free Event ~ Sign-Up Here – Bloggers Wanted American Family Event

Books in the Mail


I have 2 giveaways going on right now so make sure you check out the posts for The Ups and Downs of Being Dead and Silver: Acheron
Mailbox Finds:

Nate Rocks can do it all: part super-hero, part all-star athlete, part rock-star… part fourth-grader?

Ten-year-old Nathan Rockledge cannot catch a break. After all, life as a fourth-grader can be hazardous what with science projects to deal with and recess football games to avoid. Everyone, including his best friend Tommy, seems to have bad luck when hanging around Nathan. Throw in an older sister who is a royal pain, a dad who is stuck in the past, and a mom who keeps trying to poison him with her awful cooking, and poor Nathan’s life as a fourth grader appears to be completely doomed.

Armed only with his sketchpad, his imagination, and his wits, Nathan Rockledge navigates the perils of the fourth grade in style, to emerge heroic, as Nate Rocks, proving that even a ten-year-old can accomplish great things. From
Find Nate Rocks the World at Goodreads, IndieBound, and Amazon.

The Adventure Continues... With fourth grade finally winding down, 10-year-old Nathan Rockledge is looking forward to a fun and relaxing summer at home with his friends. That is, until his mom decides he has to go to overnight camp with his annoying older sister. When his best friend, Tommy, decides to tag along, Nathan thinks maybe his summer won't actually be so bad. After all, he does get to be away from his mom's awful cooking for an entire six weeks. Amongst Color War competitions, a flaky counselor, and a bully named "No-Neck," Nathan turns to his trusty sketchpad, transforming himself into Nate Rocks: 10-year-old extraordinaire. His speedboat ready for action, Nate saves the day time and again from the perils of floods, snakes, ghosts, and even the most wanted criminals. Join Nathan, Tommy, Abby, and a whole new cast of characters as Nate Rocks once again proves nothing can hold him back. From
Find Nate Rocks the Boat at Goodreads, IndieBound, and Amazon.

From the Library:

Centuries have passed since civilization's brush with apocalypse. The world's greatest threats have all been silenced. There is no anger, no hatred, no war. There is only perfect peace...and fear. A terrible secret was closely guarded for centuries: every single soul walking the earth, though in appearance totally normal, is actually dead, long ago genetically stripped of true humanity.

Nine years have gone by since an unlikely hero named Rom Sebastian first discovered a secret and consumed an ancient potion of blood to bring himself back to life in Forbidden. Surviving against impossible odds, Rom has gathered a secret faction of followers who have also taken the blood-the first Mortals in a world that is dead.

But The Order has raised an elite army to hunt and crush the living. Division and betrayal threaten to destroy the Mortals from within. The final surviving hope for humanity teeters on the brink of annihilation and no one knows the path to survival.

On the heels of Forbidden comes MORTAL, the second novel in The Books of Mortals saga penned by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee. Set in a terrifying, medieval future, where grim pageantry masks death, this tale of dark desires and staggering stakes peels back the layers of the heart for all who dare take the journey.

The Books of Mortals are three novels, each of which stands on its own, yet all are seamlessly woven into one epic thriller. From
 Find Mortal at Goodreads, IndieBound, and Amazon.


When a local girl falls prey to a sadistic serial killer, Nashville homicide lieutenant Taylor Jackson and her lover, FBI profiler Dr. John Baldwin, find themselves in a joint investigation pursuing a vicious murderer. The Southern Strangler is slaughtering his way through the Southeast, leaving a gruesome memento at each crime scene ? the prior victim's severed hand. Ambitious TV reporter Whitney Connolly is certain the Southern Strangler is her ticket out of Nashville; she's got a scoop that could break the case. She has no idea how close to this story she really is ? or what it will cost her. As the killer spirals out of control, everyone involved must face a horrible truth ? that the purest evil is born of private lies. From
Read my review. Find All the Pretty Girls at Goodreads, IndieBound, and Amazon.


Mick "Scorcher" Kennedy, the brash cop from Tana French’s bestselling Faithful Place, plays by the book and plays hard. That’s what’s made him the Murder squad’s top detective—and that’s what puts the biggest case of the year into his hands.

On one of the half-built, half-abandoned "luxury" developments that litter Ireland, Patrick Spain and his two young children are dead. His wife, Jenny, is in intensive care.

At first, Scorcher and his rookie partner, Richie, think it’s going to be an easy solve. But too many small things can’t be explained. The half dozen baby monitors, their cameras pointing at holes smashed in the Spains’ walls. The files erased from the Spains’ computer. The story Jenny told her sister about a shadowy intruder who was slipping past all the locks.

And Broken Harbor holds memories for Scorcher. Seeing the case on the news sends his sister Dina off the rails again, and she’s resurrecting something that Scorcher thought he had tightly under control: what happened to their family one summer at Broken Harbor, back when they were children. From

Find Broken Harbor at Goodreads, IndieBound, and Amazon.

The last Sky Ranger of the now-vanished Extrahuman Union, defeated by his former allies and detested by everyone else, fled Earth and the repressive Confederation in a desperate attempt to put the past to rest. But when his refugee ship crashes on a desert planet, his life is thrown back into chaos, and his future becomes less certain than ever. In that hostile environment, he meets abrasive, impulsive Renna, and Dee, a flighty, secretive orphan girl, who are the only two refugees who can stand him. When Dee wanders into the wilderness, Sky Ranger chases after her, touching off a series of events that lead them and their companions from the deserts of Seera Terron through alien R ton space and into the very heart of the Confederation itself. Sky Ranger must confront his past and a intrusive, ruthless government if he wants to be able to save both Dee and what remains of his people, the Extrahumans, from utter destruction. FLY INTO FIRE, the follow-up to the critically-acclaimed BROKEN, is a story of hope, adventure, friendship, and sacrifice, in a world where the only freedom to be found is within. From
Find Fly into Fire at Goodreads, IndieBound, and Amazon.

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