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  1. I'm afraid I'm too late for the last Friday of the you, "pandemic madness" has affected my life, including promo for my 3/31 release. That, however, is still on me. If you have space, I'd love a shout out for my YA fantasy Don't Mess With This Witch. There's a 4 page intro by my heroine Genevieve on the 'About' page of my website and I'll include the sell sheet and blurb here. Feel free to edit for space or delete for not getting this in on time.
    Don’t Mess with This Witch
    Stand Alone
    Author: Liz Lorow
    Young Adult Fantasy
    ISBN: 978-1-7346660-0-7
    Format: 8X5 Paperback
    Publication Date: March 31, 2020
    Pages: 342 pages
    List Price: 14.99 IngramSpark
    Other formats available

    Liz Lorow

    Teen witches in magical juvie, because they really messed up!

    Genevieve Howe, a 16 year-old witch, is not a bad kid, she’s just a really lousy witch. Sometimes her random thoughts unintentionally turn into actual spells, causing all kinds of trouble.
    Now the administration needs Genevieve’s help to find a student/inmate who escaped. Why her? Because even though there’s something ‘wrong’ with Genevieve, she seems to be able to do what others can’t. If she can find Logan, will she turn him in, join him on the run, or find some other way to help without violating the code of honor among magical misfits?

    A comedic fantasy romp about incarcerated teen witches, the one that got away, and the only one who can find him.
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    About Liz
    This is the first young adult novel by award winning, multi-published, romance author Ashlyn Chase. She was an RN for twenty years in the Boston area, but now reads voraciously on her balcony and lives in coastal Florida with her superhero husband and two lovable cats.