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Reflections on the #AtoZChallenge

by Donna Huber For the A to Z Challenge, I discussed different book genres/categories. Each day, I gave a few details about the genre/catego...

February 2, 2019

5 New Books Publishing February 5

by Susan Roberts & MK French

February is a major month for publication of new books and there are some fantastic books to look forward to during the month.  Here are reviews of five books that are all publishing on February 5. Susan reviews The Beantown Girls, The Night Olivia Fell, and The Girls at 17 Swann Street while MK reviews I Owe You One and Sisters of the Fire.

What books are you looking forward to in February?

February 1, 2019

January 31, 2019

Best Reads of January 2019

We read a lot of books here at Girl Who Reads and many of them are wonderful. Sometimes though there is one that really stands out from the rest. Today, we each picked the best book from what we read this month.

January 30, 2019

The Emperor's Trap by R. A. Denny ~ a Review

by MK French

Amanki had arrived in the capital city and has met with Baskrod, but he didn't know what happened to Brina and Moshoi. He had to remain in hiding. In the meantime, Brina and her people were sold into slavery, and Moshoi had been presumed dead in a landslide. Moshoi's brother Tuka and their companion Burlem have taken up his quest, but there is a lot of danger that threatens them along the way.

January 29, 2019

The Forgiving Kind by Donna Everhart ~ a Review

by Susan Roberts

Daddy never wanted to do nothing much other than grow cotton, and the way he’d gone at it, we figured that would be the thing to kill him, but it wasn’t. We got three hundred acres in Jones County, North Carolina, first-rate land he calls it. For a girl like me, meaning a girl who'd rather spend time outside more than anywhere else, there was no better place on earth. Some might think we're stuck out in the middle of nowhere, that what we have ain't no different than any other farm along Highway 58. I see things different - I see what he does. The way freshly plowed soil looks like that rich chocolate powder Mama uses for baking. How the leaves on a cotton plant are heart shaped, and how on a sunny day, their vivid green color gets so intense, you have to squint your eyes. There's these little buds on the cotton plants, called squares, and when they bloom, they turn pale yellow, like fresh cream. Within days they go to a light pink, and then darker pink, self-pollinating, Daddy says. When our fields turn those different colors, I can't imagine how nobody wouldn't think it wasn't the prettiest sight they'd ever laid eyes. on.

January 28, 2019

Donna's January Wrap Up #MondayBlogs

by Donna Huber

Hello, again! Has your 2019 got off to a good start? Mine has been pretty good. I got good news about a health issue, I celebrated my 42nd birthday, and Girl Who Reads turned 8. To top it off, I've read some really good books.

January 27, 2019

Sue's 2019 Reading Plan

by Susan Roberts

Image result for free pictures of 2019

It's time to start thinking about reading plans for 2019.  I've read a lot of strong opinions recently from people who don't want to make plans because they only want to read for enjoyment to the other end of the spectrum to readers who want a regimented plan - like read a book with a green cover in April and read a book by a British author in May.  My reading plan falls somewhere in the middle. I like to keep track of how many books I read a year and I use Goodreads as well as a personal spreadsheet to track what I read. I also try to add a few items into my plans that expand my reading horizons.