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June 22, 2020

The Reflecting Pool by Otho Eskin ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

I don't read a lot of crime fiction because they usually veer towards police procedurals and less suspense/thriller. The Reflecting Pool was one of the rare crime novels that kept closer to a suspense novel and I really enjoyed it.
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The Reflecting Pool by Otho Eskin
June 2020; Oceanview Publishing
ebook (352 pages); suspense
While I haven't read any of the books that the Amazon Original television series Bosch is based upon, but I do watch the show. Otho Eskin's main character Marko Zorn reminds me of Bosch. He is a complex character that plays in the gray areas of the law, yet his motives are just. 

I had to look up if The Reflecting Pool was part of a series as it felt like there should have been at least a previous novel. Some background information is given for the main character but relationships between characters weren't well defined, though they felt well-established. According to Goodreads, it is not part of a series. However, I could see this being a series with prequels and sequels like Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series (he published books as he finished them and not necessarily in a linear plot timeline). 

The case that is the plot focus was good; it kept my attention. A secret service agent is found dead in the Reflecting Pool on the Washington Mall. The Feds close ranks around the case, but Zorn of the D.C. Metro Police department isn't going to let them stop him from finding justice for the victim. Fortunately, he has a friend or two in the federal government that also want the truth. 

I'm hoping there will be more books featuring Marko Zorn. Like I said he's a complex character and this book barely touched on who he really is. He is definitely an intriguing character. He really made the story. While I liked the plot, it was really the character that kept bringing me back to the book. 

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  1. You really should read the Harry Bosh books except maybe the last two or three. The first several books are a little dated now but well worth the time and effort to read. I’ll give this author a try - I need a new Harry Bosh to follow.