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March 18, 2011

A Good Love Story

The Changeling's ChampionThe Changeling's Champion by Miya Kressin
Paperback, 315 pages
Published October, 2010 by The Writer's Coffee Shop
Read March 2011

I think I finally figured out why some fantasy/supernatural books I can really get into and others I struggle with. When the main character is the person learning of the new world it is much easier and far more enjoyable for me to learn the rules of this new world because I don't feel like the outsider looking in (or the only person that doesn't understand how it works). Though The Changeling's Champion has a character that knows nothing of the Fey realm outside of fairytales, the reader learns mostly from Ari a fey prince, an insider. Therefore, it feels like I am being told about this new place, but don't really experience it. For me, it is kind of like listening to someone talk about their vacation trip to someplace I have never been. I think this and the jumping back and forth between time periods kept me from truly losing myself in the story.

I did lose myself in the story when the alternating time periods stopped and the story focused on the blossoming relationship between Ari and Holly. I was awed at the beautiful language of the text, almost like poetry in prose. Seriously, not many have the talent to choose the perfect words that makes one think "wow, that was beautiful" in modern times and Miya did an exceptional job.

I feel I should give my readers warning that The Changeling's Champion is very adult. I found myself skimming several passionate scenes. Also, the story contains non-traditional views of sex and fidelity.

Miya creates characters that the reader can build emotional ties to. I mean, who wouldn't want a guy who makes withered leaves blossom beautiful blooms in the middle of winter or creates a private bubble, literally, so that passers-by can't interrupt the bonding between soul mates. But equally, you are led to immediately distrust Justin and empathize with Holly as her heart and head struggle to come to terms with actions of her step-dad.

Outside of a few personal preference problems, I enjoyed The Changeling's Champion and thought it was a great book; one of the best love stories I have read (I didn't feel depressed about my own lack of love when I finished it). I think Miya Kressin has a promising writing future ahead of her.


  1. I may need to take a look at this one. It sounds really interesting. I'm becoming more and more fond these kinds of books.