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March 11, 2011

Is this what publishing is really like?

Because She CanBecause She Can by Bridie Clark
Hardcover, 288 pages
Published February 2007 by Grand Central Publishing
ISBN13: 9780446579247
Read: November 2010

This is another book that I picked up at a library sale. I choose it because it had a red cover. I was looking for something kind of light to read last fall and aptly choose Because She Can from the stack along the staircase. I say aptly because the month before I started working in the publishing industry and the main character in the book is an editor at a publishing house.

Claire Truman is waiting for her big break in both her love life and career, coincidentally both are practically dropped into her lap. A night out with her best friend leads to a chance meeting of her college crush. He is absolutely perfect, just as she remembered him. He has the status, wealth, and gentleman manners. He also happens to know Vivian Grant head of one of the most successful imprints. A sudden phone call, followed by an immediate interview, and Claire is faced with a deal she can't refuse. Given only a short period of time to agree she has no time to seek the advise of her upstanding, and grandfatherly type, boss. She knows that little will happen for her at her current job as the one who has been her lead cheerleader is retiring. Though she has heard the rumors, surely they are exaggerated, she accepts the position. Though it has been mere hours since the offer was placed on the table, Vivian is already trying to change the parameters; it should have been a red flag to Claire. Claire, however, is desperate to rise in this field and knows if she can make it a year at Grant Publishing she will have arrived in the big leagues.

I read this book in 2 or 3 days - thanks to a conference that I had to be "at just in case" leaving me an almost full day to read. It wasn't an astounding read, but it was enjoyable (though I played a few rounds of cards, I never pulled out the movies I had brought to entertain myself with as the book did a good job of holding my interest). It had its comical moments - the release party for "Blow Jobs 101". I could empathize with Claire as she dealt with the dragon lady of bosses and struggled with her college crush being Mr. Perfect, but not perfect for her. I wondered how many guys I have crossed paths with and did realize how perfect they could be. 

It did leave me wondering if the publishing industry is as cutthroat and demanding as it was portrayed in the book. Surely, it was an exaggeration, right?


  1. Great review, I hadn't heard of this book before. I hope the publishing industry isn't too cutthroat, I'm hoping to get a career in it and i'm not that type of person!