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May 23, 2011

Welcome to Armchair BEA week!

Hi Everyone! I'm interrupting my normal book reviews to participate in Armchair BEA. If you are a first time visitor WELCOME! I hope you will look around, particularly take a look at the author tables under the ARMCHAIR BEA tab up above. I decided to offer free space to authors to advertise this week. When I go to vendor shows and conventions, my favorite part is meandering through all the booths and I wanted to try to recreate that here on my blog.

A little about me....

I "review" whatever I am reading. I put review in quote because I'm pretty sure that some of my post are more my ramblings about the book rather than a true review. I like to share what a book made me feel or think. I read a lot of psychological thrillers and my favorites always leave me questioning my preconceived notions of morals, society, etc. You will notice that my reading taste are wide-ranging and I like to try new genres and authors.

I love books. I have always read and often as a child would be frustrated that I couldn't read faster because there was always another book I wanted to get to. Now I share my love of books with my online friends (I think my real life friends sometimes grow tired of all my book ramblings). My interest in books has lead me into a new career direction. A few months ago, I took on a job with an up and coming small press working with their authors and marketing their books.

My Armchair BEA plans...

In addition to the author tables on the Armchair BEA page, I also will have two authors stopping by with  guest posts and giveaways. I also plan on blogging on the suggested topics each day. If possible I will take part in the Twitter parties. This is my first year participating in Armchair BEA so with my work schedule and all I'm not sure what all I will get to, but I am hoping to meet many fellow bloggers and readers and, hopefully, a few new authors and find some new reading material.

Please introduce yourself by leaving a comment. If you are also blogging, let me know so I can stop by this week.


  1. How terrific that you are bringing the virtual author tables this week also! Since we can't drop by the ones on the Javits floor, this is a great alternative.

  2. booksNyarn - Thanks for stopping by. I thought it would be fun to have the tables and it seems to be getting a great response.

  3. Hi Donna! I completely understand about real life friends getting tired of the book rambling, that's why I like blogging so much because I get to meet awesome people like you :)


  4. New follower here! So excited about this event, I'm working on my post now :)

    Nice to meet you xo,
    Lah @ LazyGirl Reads

  5. Hi Neri and Lazy Girl! Thanks for stopping by! Please make sure to click on the Armchair BEA in my list of links at the top to see the author tables. Some of them are doing giveaways.

  6. Hello, I'm a armchair BEAer. will stop by the author table as you mentions. love the blog book look. its great. happy reading to you!!

  7. Hey there! That's how I review too. I know everyone can look up the synopsis, but I read reveiws to see what real people felt about a book and how they liked it. That's a perfect review to me...ramble on!

  8. Donna -- so glad to 'meet' you -- I'm a new follower and love your attitude about reading and books (esp "...leave me questioning my preconceived notions of morals, society, etc.").

    Congrats on the career move -- and thank you for trying to create the BEA experience for us via your blog -- I'm pretty giddy about the armchair experience -- I can't imagine what the real world BEA is like!

  9. I love those sales where you get a bag full of books for a flat fee! I'm Armchair BEAing from home this week and plan on participating whenever I idea how much that will be! I love the way in which you decided to recreate the BEA experience! Very clever. I'm going to check it out now!

  10. This is me, introducing myself! I love your blog, I'm so glad I ran across it and I can't wait to participate in ArmChair!

    -Kate the Book Buff
    The Book Buff: Book Reviews for Regular People

  11. Nice to meet you! I feel that way about the word 'review' too even though I put it in all my book posts. Welcome to Armchair BEA!

  12. I don't think there is anything wrong with rambling instead of reviewing; actually, I think a good ramble can be much more useful and definitely more interesting! Nice to meet you!

    ~ Trisha @ eclectic / eccentric

  13. I think it's just great that you got a job working with a small press. Any job involving books sounds heaven-sent.