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June 15, 2011

Of Friends and Love: The Peach Keeper

The Peach Keeper: A NovelThe Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen
audio book, narrated by Karen White
Published March 2011 by Books on Tape
ISBN 9780739368718
Listened June 2011

I think I'm a bit confused about the story, but at the same time it had a certain charm to it. It started of a little zany. It felt kind of like Nanny McPhee. The crazy things about the envelop, rain, and the declaration of secrets. But then that went away and it became a more normal story. 

I don't usually like southern lit and this story epitomized what I think it is that I don't like. There is something about the high society, clique that rubs me the wrong way. But it has to be something more, because I love The Great Gatsby and it has high society. So it is something about the southern genteel society. It is probably because I have had to experience it. As a yankee transplant in the south, well lets say I didn't always experience the southern hospitally.

But once we got further into the story and it became more about the budding friendship between Paxton and Willa and the navigating of love relationships with Sebastian and Colin I totally fell in love with the story. Add in the mystery of the bones beneath the peach tree and Agatha (little old women are hilarious) and it is just an adorable story. I was able to forget about the genteel society as Paxton and Willa became to understand the true meaning behind the women's club their grandmothers had started. It a very touching story with a few funny moments thanks to the confusion about which team Sebastian bats for.

As far as being an audio book. I had a some trouble following the story line at times and, well, I dozed off one evening while listening to it. I thought closing my eyes would help me focus on the story better, but the narrator's voice is very soothing. 

Do you like southern fiction? For those who listen to audio books, does the narrator influence your opinion of the story?


  1. I have a hard time with audio books because I often don't like the way the narrator speaks or uses different voices in the story. I think the narrator can absolutely influence my opinon of a book. I really like The Peach Keeper, Sarah Addison Allen's writing (to me at least) is a breath of fresh air - usually light, a little whimsical and always enjoyable.

  2. I enjoyed this book (save for a single moment that nearly ruined it for me) and I'm not really a Southern fiction fan (maybe a Southern gothic, but not this sort of women's fiction). However, I really enjoyed that Paxton and Willa didn't hate each other or do the tearing-each-other-down thing which I feared would occur.

    I can't do audiobooks mostly because I rarely have long chunks of uninterrupted time.

  3. The narrator absolutely affects my enjoyment of the story. It seems as if audio books are so much better done these days. The Help by Kathryn Stockett was a joy to listen to because of the wonderful actresses reading the various charcters. It was almost like watching a movie. Just awesome.

  4. I also listened to this as an audibook. At first I thought the narrator sounded like an elderly woman! Then I got used of her voice and I think she did a good job. The only thing I am confused about is the story behind Tucker. I don't remember the author really explaining how he came to be "magical" or whatever, but I loved this book. Sarah Addison Allen is one of my fave authors, I lived in North Carolina very briefly (a transplant from Florida, we don't really have true Southern culture here) and I didn't feel very welcome there. However, it is a beautiful state so I love reading books based there.