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December 10, 2011

Perfect: Haiku for the Single Girl

Haiku for the Single Girl by Beth Griffenhagen
Published October 2011 by Penguin
ISBN13: 9780143120018
Read November 2011

I picked this up to read during my lunch break one day. I wasn't sure what to expect. As a single girl approaching 35, I'm a bit cynical about how people view singleness. However, Beth Griffenhagen was spot on. She definitely gets the age where when becomes if. 

This little book was a fun read that covered all the emotions a single girl feels at some point in their singleness. You know, the "it's great to be single, I can travel without thinking of someone else's schedule" and the "it sucks to be single, the hostess just asked if I'm waiting for the rest of my party" feelings. While I couldn't relate to the many sex related Haikus, I really enjoyed the book.

If you looked at my Holiday Buying Guide, you'll notice Haiku for the Single Girl was a bonus buy. It would make a great gift exchange gift.

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