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February 14, 2012

I have a crush: The Egyptian

The Egyptian (Dominic Grey #2) by Layton Green
ebook, 327 pages
Published August 2011 by First Ward
ISBN13: 2940013033597
Read January 2012

Fans of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series or Jack Higgins' Sean Dillion will want to try out Layton Green's Dominic Grey series. I did not read the first book in the series (I didn't even know it was a book 2 until I looked it up on Goodreads), but that didn't diminish my enjoyment. Much like the two series I mentioned, these are stand alone books that are interconnected by the main character. There was enough mentions of a previous situation (presumably covered in the first book) that the reader could understand some of what the main character was dealing with, without having to rehash an entire book.

And what a character Dominic Grey is. He is the perfect male hero in my book. He's damaged, definitely carrying around extra emotional baggage. But he also has all those wonderful good guy traits, with a bit of a bad boy vibe. He is former military and seriously he could kill a person with just his pinky. I will admit that I had a bit of a crush on Dominic. I'm not sure if I've ever been jealous of a book character before, but I think I was feeling twinges of envy for Victoria. But only twinges as Dominic seemed as unattainable for her as he was for me.

The foreign governments and corporate espionage had me intrigued, but throw in the biotech and religious cult aspects and I was hooked. I learned quite a bit about Egyptian mythology, which I admit I knew nothing about before this book (I kept thinking back to the ArmchairBEA challenge on what is your favorite mythology). The science was indepth enough to give the characters an authentic feel (I work with a bunch of scientists so I know what they are like) without feeling like I was reading a textbook or reading in a foreign language. 

Usually I like epilogues, but I don't think it was necessary for this story. I thought the story had come to its natural conclusion and I didn't feel like every i needed dotted and t crossed. It is a suspense novel so it's okay that there are questions left at the end. The epilogue wasn't bad and it didn't ruin the story. I'm not sure how to explain how I felt.

I can tell you I need to find the first book in the series; I need another dose of Dominic Grey. I'm also hoping for more books in this series. I love having another great suspense writer in my pocket to pull out when I'm in need of a thrill ride.

I know a lot of people have "book boyfriends" but have you ever been jealous of a character?

Buy your copy of The Egyptian at Amazon. (Just checked it's only 99 cents what I bargain for a wonderful book).

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  2. LOVE LOVE this book. I thought there was more than one in the series, but there isn't I hope he writes more Dominic is FUN! I read this over the summer!

  3. Oh there is another one The Summoner, yep read that one too... totally intriguing!

    1. Just heard from the author. Looks like there will be a 3rd in the series. I still need to read The Summoner.