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April 17, 2012

Amusing: True Love Way

True Love Way by Nancy Scrofano
ebook, ARC
Published April 2012 by Simon & Fig
ISBN: 9780985352004
Read April 2012
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What a fun read True Love Way turned out to be. I enjoy chick lit but it is always a fine line for me between the good and not so good. From the start I liked the cover and really hoped it would be funny and not a downer (though chick lit is suppose to be fluffy, sometimes it leaves me a bit depressed). I'm happy to say True Love Way is amusing. And definitely a book I'd like to read again, soon.

I loved Marlo. Her love of old television shows really endeared her to me. I grew up watching reruns of Happy Days, Brady Bunch, Three's Company, etc. It was fun to see snippets and shared memories from beloved TV shows. Oh! I almost forget Marlo idolizes Lucy so much she dyed her hair red.

True Love Way is your predictable chick lit: The love triangle-ish story line was quickly identified by all but the main character. However, this was not a negative. Instead, there was something comforting about knowing how the story would play out. (There were enough unique nuggets hidden within to keep you interest). Like a the great sitcoms of old (kind of like The Cosby Show - when Rootie was still cute).

Macaroni and cheese in a white bowl.
Macaroni and cheese in a white bowl. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Maybe I liked this book so much because I've been referencing movies and television shows so much with my book reviews. I kind of envied Marlo's vivid dreams. The best I came up with this weekend was making macaroni and cheese.

It was so comforting in fact that I'm putting it in my Get Well Kit. You know I'm single so when I'm sick I have to take care of myself (I'm sure moms have something similar for themselves). My Get Well Kit has all the essentials to make me feel better and keep me entertained while I lay on my death bed (Okay, I'm a bit melodramatic) and I keep it within easy reach so I only have to get out of bed once. My kit includes:
  • The Basics (tissues, meds, etc.)
  • Food & Drink (juice boxes so I don't have to worry about a pet knocking it over and Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup - I love the carrots)
  • Movies (Harry Potter and Don Knotts' Shakiest Gun of the West)
I've never included a book before. However, while reading True Love Way I knew it would be something that would cheer me up, but not take a lot of energy. Summer vacation is coming up and you'll want an amusing read while laying by the pool or traveling the country. Make sure you have a copy of True Love Way in your comfort kit.

Please stop back by tomorrow when I have the author Nancy Scrofano here for a guest post.

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  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my novel. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And I'm honored that my book is included in your get well kit. :)
    Thanks again!

  2. i love your get well kit and that mac and cheese pic sure looks tasty! I love classic TV shows too. :)
    Great blog!
    Melissa A from Chick Lit Central

  3. How far back does the term "oldie" extend? Some people think the 80's are oldies. I love Frank Sinatra music, which is like my grandparent's era. :) I also love "Three's Company" and I used to watch "The Patty Duke Show" a lot when I was a kid. Favorite oldie movie is "The Parent Trap."
    I could do either, but prefer paperback. I am in the US.

    Melissa A
    mbamster0720 at gmail dot com

  4. For me My fav "Oldies" is almost anything by the Beatles. My fav band Would prefer paperback but I do have a kindle:)

  5. I love the cover on this. I'm an unashamed lover of predictable chick lit - this sounds like a good one to have on my list!

  6. My favorite oldie TV show is definitely The Dick Van Dyke show. I LOVE him, he's hilarious!

  7. I really liked the idea of get well kit, and well if you say so, I will definitely read.. "True Love Way".

  8. Thanks for the review. This sounds like a must read. My stomach is growling already.