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May 31, 2012

Tips on Thursday: BlogTalkRadio

Many bloggers are looking for ways to expand their blogs and better connect with not only their readers, but connect readers with authors. One way that bloggers are doing this is through BlogTalkRadio. I've listened to a few shows, scheduled many more for authors who I've worked with and think it's a great idea. Unfortunately, it is not something I've found time to explore myself so I have asked my friend, author, and fellow blogger Coral Russell of Alchemy of Scrawl to share some tips for getting started with BlogTalkRadio. Please give a warm Girl Who Reads welcome to Coral.
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BlogTalkRadio - You have something to say! 

I've been fortunate to go through many different 'career' moves. I've enjoyed all of them to one extent or another. Teaching English to students whose first language is not English was one of them. I started in Korea, but, and this seems to be a pattern, it took me another ten years to become a real teacher in the US.

The Internet provides tons of resources for students and teachers. My list of resources was long and overwhelming to the point where I couldn't find anything. So I made a website and listed them. Then I stumbled on BlogTalkRadio and thought the idea of having an English teaching show would be fun.

The program setup was very easy. And then, I did nothing. I forgot about it really because I had no idea where to start.

Life happens and I ended up moving to be closer with family. I taught online for about six months but I didn't need to get a regular teaching job. I turned to fiction writing because that was something I'd always wanted to do. Enter right time, right place.

The eBook was revolutionizing the publishing industry and freeing up authors to find their audience no matter the size while book blogging and the need for it exploded. People started following my show. Only I didn't have a show. I figured I needed to start one so I asked Indie authors if I could interview them. They were shy at first but then the idea took off.

BlogTalkRadio is free to set up and you should start with a free show to make sure this is something you are happy spending time doing. If you're international or not, you will call in on a long-distance US line. Skype and Planet Talk are two viable alternatives and a connection from as far away as India has worked.

Premium has its perks. BlogTalkRadio will do some advertising for you which has increased the show rating. They have a BTR University that gives invaluable information if you want to expand the reach of your show.

Join their Affiliate program to earn some money from your shows.

Offer interviews for links to your show.

Most authors are happy to promote their show and you will see the difference in total 'Listens' to the show.

As with all things these days, social media counts. If you don't have a growing social media presence, build one.

Have fun! It comes across in the show.

Used Linkedin to promote your show.

Use SEO to make sure your show is being seen by your target audience. Oh yeah, decide who your target audience is.

And goof ups will happen!

I had to take my teenager to the Doctor. I figured I would go ahead and call-in and do the show from the waiting room but I forgot to write down my ID number. I called the author to explain and found out he was very sick too and wouldn't be able to make it.

BTR was acting funny and kicked me off my own show. Luckily the author was a good speaker and kept right on talking. I had to go back and listen to the interview later!

I've accidentally hung up during a show.

My phone was dead. I mean really dead. So dead it took ten minutes to get even a little bit of a charge so I was very late calling in.

When interviewing famous people write down your questions. I pride myself on being off-the-cuff and felt like I'd been doing this long enough to handle it. I was wrong. I forgot to ask the one burning question I had on my mind because I was too nervous and excited during the interview.

If a person doesn't show up or is late. Cook! I turn my show into a cooking show or do some other equally mundane thing. A lot of times international callers will have a harder time phoning in on time and even if they plan to be early, the service they're trying to use makes them late.

Did I mention have fun? We all have something we're burning to say and BlogTalkRadio is an easy way to get started for free. Who knows, you may be the next Dr. Phil.

Be sure to check out the Book Bloggers' Collaborative BlogTalkRadio show on Fridays. Also visit Alchemy of Scrawl at its new home.

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  1. The radio show is amazing! I've heard some epic episodes, like the interview with Terri Long and with Shaun Allan. Highly recommended!

  2. The show rocks and nothing is more awesome than calling in and having Kriss refer to you as bacon porn. All authors should be on. Yup the show is great stuff!

  3. I've had the pleasure of being on the show & Coral is a great host! If I recall, someone rang her doorbell just as the show was getting started - so yes - stuff happens, but it just gives the show that much more character. Would love to be on again (hint!)

  4. Epic is right, some of those hosts are down right hilarious and yet a the same time so expressive and intriguing! Such a smart group of gals!

  5. It is such a fab show! I'm not saying it because I host it or anything... :) THANKS! Donna for the guest post opportunity.

  6. I love that the shows are archived online so I can listen to them when my kids let me! It actually took me 4 days to get through the first one I listened to because I kept getting interrupted. I didn't want to give up though because it was so fun to listen to. I'm really looking forward to hearing more and maybe I'll actually get to call in sometime.

  7. Love the show. Nice blend of humour, writing, books, books, writing and humour again.

    Three great hosts that always make their guests feel welcome :)