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February 14, 2013

Tips on Thursday: Social Media Presence

English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...
English: Infographic on how Social Media are being used, and how everything is changed by them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Last Sunday I met with a local blogging group to discuss managing social media presence for a brand. I thought I would share with you some of my top tips.

  • Make sure your tone/voice is the same across all platforms
  • Use an image/logo to make your brand visually identifiable
  • Use a program like Hootsuite to put all your social media on "one screen"
  • Personal accounts aren't always private - don't post things you wouldn't want your brand posting.

  • Be conversational
  • Don't tweet just your own content, but show you are a thought leader in your field by tweeting top content from others
  • Combination of live tweeting and scheduled tweets
  • Tweet at popular times - around 8 am, lunch time, and late afternoon/evening (most of the US population lives in the EST zone, plan accordingly)
  • Use relevant hashtags (make sure the hashtag you want to use is being used for your intended purpose)
  • Engage your followers - create lists to easily see what groups are tweeting and check your mentions regularly

  • Profile - for your personal life
  • Page - brand is communicating to fans
  • Group - collaboration and interaction among fans (kind of like a virtual fan club meeting place)
  • Put links in comments and not in the status (post will get more views)
  • Posts from third parties (ie Hootesuite) get less views than posting directly to Facebook
  • Quotes, questions, and images get the most interaction

  • At least share your blog posts and +1 - increases search engine ranking
  • I find it is easier to tag guest bloggers on G+ than to send them the link

  • It's a professional network - keep it professional
  • Post only your top content that would be of interest to your contacts (not general interest)
  • It's like your resume - update it every 6 months and as needed for major milestones/accomplishments

  • Great for visually inclined industries (food, fashion, home decor/projects)
  • Be aware of copyright and fair use - when you pin something that is not your own ALWAYS add a comment. 
  • Pin from original source when possible

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