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April 29, 2013

Meet the Author: Kathleen S. Allen

My name is Kathleen S. Allen and I have been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I used to “write” stories by scribbling on paper even before I knew the alphabet then I’d “read” them to my mother. I learned to read at the age of three and by five I was reading adult books. I began writing poetry and self-published my first book of poems at the age of eight. I made a book jacket of blue and orange construction paper, copied my poems in my best printing, paper punched holes in the sides, tied it all up with a red ribbon and was good to go! My actual first published poem was in Cat Fancy magazine at the age of fifteen. I’ve been writing ever since. To date I’ve had novels, short stories, poems, flash fiction and lyric essays published. I have novels published both as eBooks and in print, some were self-published on Amazon/Nook but some were from small publishers. I am looking for a literary agent to take me to the next level. You know, get that movie deal. LOL. I write in different genres but young adult is my favorite. The author who influenced me the most was Anne McCaffrey , a science fiction and fantasy author. She wrote The Dragonriders of Pern and my favorite series, The Harper Hall trilogy which is young adult.

My latest novel is a YA contemporary called, HOW TO BE ALMOST FAMOUS IN TEN DAYS. It’s about seventeen year old Cassie who feels invisible, especially next to her BFF, Rachel, who is model gorgeous. When she finds a book on how to be famous in ten days in a secondhand bookstore she devises a plan— with the help of her BFF to be famous. She has hilarious and sometimes serious, almost disastrous consequences. Come follow Cassie on her quest to be “seen.”

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About the Book:


My fingertips drifted across the dusty books stacked haphazardly on the shelf. I wasn’t looking for any particular book title—just wasting time while Rachel searched for a book in the romance section. I walked around the second hand books piled in haphazard stacks on the faded brown carpet in search of a science fiction. Closing my eyes as my fingers flitted over the books, I played a game I used to play when I was younger. If some book wanted me to read it, I’d know by the feeling the book gave me. Forgetting about the piles everywhere I ran into one—or two, I’m not sure—I opened my eyes just as I fell, sending the piles sprawling across the floor. Which, by the way, smelled and looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in centuries.

Rachel called out, “You okay, Cassie?”

“Yes,” I mumbled, sitting up.

No clerk came to my rescue, so I began to restack the books. My elbow was a bit scraped a bit, but otherwise no damage. Sighing, I continued piling up the books until a small yellow book caught my eye.

“How to Be Famous in Ten Days,” I read aloud.

“What?” Rachel asked from the other side of the aisle.

“I found a book,” I yelled back.

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