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April 13, 2013

Weekly Short: Cupid On Deck

I really enjoy Nancy Scofano's stories. There is something comforting about her writing. You may recall I compared her novel True Love Way to comfort food mac 'n' cheese. Cupid on Deck was another fun read. And as a short story, it is perfect for a Saturday afternoon pick me up.

Louise is alone on Valentine's Day and agrees to a "blind date" of sorts. Her friends have booked a 1920s themed dinner cruise and she thinks she's there with Nate, until he shows up with a date of his own.

As a single gal myself I could just feel the despondency of Lou, but I was also a bit jealous of the party she was attending.

If being stood up on Valentine's Day isn't bad enough, Lou is a bit of a klutz. However, it might just be the thing lands her in the arms of Landon. Is it just a chance encounter that will have them going in separate directions when the boat docks?

There is a lot packed into this short story and it will have to running a full gamut of emotions. For those who still want to believe in fairytale romance, then pick up Cupid on Deck by Nancy Scrofano.

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Book Info:
Cupid on Deck by Nancy Scrofano, ebook, published February 2013 by Bloomwood Books
Read: March 2013
Source: author

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  1. Sounds like a cute read!

  2. Thanks for reading and reviewing Cupid On Deck! Glad you enjoyed it! :)