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December 24, 2013

Review: Nearly Departed by JB Lynn

Review by Donna Huber
Nearly Departed

I have been a fan of JB Lynn's Hitwoman series since the very beginning. So I was excited to hear she has started another series, but I wondered if she could hit gold once again. I shouldn't have been worried, Lynn's writing is superb and even without the talking animals, it is witty.

In Nearly Departed, we are introduced to Vicky, the long suffering co-owner of Spring Cleaning. She is keeping alive her brother's dream of having his own crime scene clean-up business. By keeping his dream alive, she is keeping hope alive that her military serving brother will be found alive. While being a crime scene cleaner is a messy job, it shouldn't be all that complicated. Unfortunately for Vicky the dead want her help in finishing up some business. It's Ghost Whisperer meets CSI.

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I never really thought I was a fan of cozy mysteries - I like the grittiness of darker thrillers. While chick lit does tickle my fancy from time to time, I more often still want to the whodunnit suspense with a little lighter approach. Or perhaps it is just Lynn's stories that I find so thoroughly entertaining.

For those who must have romance, there are definitely some sparks between Vicky and her new employee Smoke. And I have to say Smoke is the perfect romantic male lead. Everything you want in a fictional boyfriend. He is rough around the edges, but has a gooey center.

The whole cast of characters is perfect together. There didn't seem to be any "extras" in this ensemble. I love the development of Vicky. The revealing of pieces of her personality is well timed. Slowly, almost reluctantly, the reader learns more about who she is. The timing of these tidbits provides another layer to the character. She herself is reluctant to let others in, to reveal to much of herself to anyone.

Well done, JB; I do believe you have another hit on your hands. I know the holidays can be a busy time, but you owe it to yourself to steal a few minutes of "me time" and Nearly Departed would be an excellent book to curl up with.

Book Info:
ebook & paperback (292 pages)
Published December 2013 by Gemma Halliday Publishing
ISBN13: 9781493690770
Source: Author
Read: December 2013

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