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February 16, 2014

Bestselling Cozy Mystery: The Hitwoman Hunts a Ghost by @JB_Lynn_author

...funny, heartwarming, sexy and wildly entertaining. ~ DS

More fun and danger with Maggie Lee! ~ Books by BES

The Hitwoman Hunts a Ghost

Bumbling hitwoman Maggie Lee has discovered the sister she thought was dead might be alive. She’s desperate to find her, but all of her bosses are making unreasonable demands. Demands she can’t afford not to meet. 
Once again, Delveccio, the chocolate pudding loving mob boss, needs someone whacked. 
Her obnoxious boss at her day job insists she intervene on his behalf with her semi-psychic friend, Armani. 
And the mysterious organization with the power to put her almost-lover Patrick behind bars has saddled her with an annoying new partner and sent her on a mission that has gone to the dogs. 
With the clock ticking, Maggie (along with her snarky lizard, dyslexic Doberman and Southern belle cat) does her best to pull off every job without winding up in jail or dead…but is her best good enough? 
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