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April 25, 2014

Review: Blaze by Summer Newman

by Claire Rees

Blaze by Summer Newman focuses on two main characters.

Blaze Henry – A lady living off her uncle's riches until he loses his fortune on a bad investment. He gives Blaze a property in her name, the only thing he has left to give her, then leaves her alone in the world as he moves away with his wife for a new job. Blaze makes her way to the train by carriage saving a run - away slave from bounty hunters. No longer feeling so alone she feels a glimmer of hope about the future.

John Masters – Fastest guns around is also making his way towards the train after a failed job interview.  He is also protecting his travelling partner Cordell who has been wrongly branded a traitor by the army and if caught will face the firing squad.

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Before leaving Blaze's home time, Blaze and John have a brief encounter where John saves Blaze from being attacked by a local drunk.  They are both immediately attracted to each other and have a short but pleasant conversation.  So when they meet each other again at the train they are both extremely surprised and very happy about it.

John manages to get Blaze and her new friend a seat on the train with him and they also choose another woman called Tammy to go with them on the last seat.  They join a nice group of people on this hard and unforgiving journey west.

Over the course of the journey, they experience various hardships, including the loss of several lives through weather, starvation, drownings, fighting off bounty hunters and the crazed delusional army man ‘Ike’, determined to take Martha back to her slave master and Cordell to his death.

Falling in love with both men Blaze engages in very erotic sex sessions with the two men.

But who will she choose in the end? And will they survive the trip to Oregon.

I very much enjoyed the story, even though this is not a genre I would normally choose.  With the people on the run and the hardships they had to endure on the journey it made it exciting and I found myself thinking about what the characters would be doing when I wasn’t reading it. There are also some deliciously sexy intimate scenes that were written very skilfully. Wonderful ending to the story. I don’t think the writer could have ended it any better.

I think people who like a good romance story mixed with adventure would love this book.

Book info:
Published January 2014
Source: author
Read: March 2014

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