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July 16, 2014

Danielle DeVor: Can Romance Be Scary?

Constructing Marcus
I think it can. When you really break it down, love is just as scary as a slasher coming up behind you with a big knife. In fact, a horror film only lasts a couple of hours. Heartache can last for years. If I had to choose between the two, I’d go with the guy with the knife.

But, love and horror make an interesting juxtaposition. Romance always needs high stakes for the main characters to overcome so that love can conquer all. But, if your love interest isn’t exactly alive, well, things get a little dicey.

But, because Constructing Marcus is about Emma, and not really about Marcus, I wanted Emma to be the strong one- even though she had no magical powers. No special skills. She’s just a normal sixteen-year-old girl in the modern world.

Emma’s horror is her mother’s illness. She lives in constant fear of losing her mother, so when she starts to have feelings for Marcus, immediately, she begins to fear losing her one true love. And that is scarier to her than any Freddy Kreuger wannabe.

Think about it: On one hand, you have the love of your life about to go away forever. On the other, you have to fight a scary dude with a machete. Which would you choose?

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About the author

Danielle DeVor spent her early years fantasizing about vampires and watching “Salem’s Lot” way too many times.  After living briefly in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she moved back to her hometown to write.  When not writing and reading about weird things, you will find her hanging out at the nearest coffee shop, enjoying a mocha frappuccino.  

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  1. Thank you so much for having me. :)

  2. I loved this book. Really great writing. Best of luck Danielle, and a new book soon, please! :-)

  3. I'm writing as fast as I can! LOL. Actually, the second in the vampire series will be here at the end of September and the second exorcism book will be here Oct 15. So, goodies will be coming your way. ;)

  4. Horror & love. Most certainly live in the same room, like two sides of a coin perhaps.

    I'll be reading your book, Danielle, I like what I've read ;-)