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July 20, 2015

Meet author K. Webster

by Heather Kirchhoff

What made you decide to start writing? 

I actually went to a book signing to see Colleen Hoover with a friend. It was the first signing I ever attended and was completely nervous. My friend mentioned that she was writing a book. It was always something I had thought of doing but hearing that she was gave me the courage to start one. Ten days later, I’d written Moth to a Flame.

Was this something you always thought you’d do? 

Yes, ever since I was a child, I figured I would write. At the time, I imagined writing more of a memoir of my life since it was littered with traumatic events. However, I soon realized people prefer the world of fantasy…as do I.

How do you come up with your characters or story ideas?

Sometimes it is simple. For instance, with Alpha & Omega that releases February 16th, I came up with the title first. The big craze is alpha males so I thought it would be funny for the character to be named Alpha…he goes by Al for short. Alpha seemed like a name a Greek god or angel would have and thus my character was born: a hunky, badass, alpha angel. The story fell into place at that point. Most of my stories play out as movies in my head and I simply record them. I even had a story idea while watching the Bubble Guppies cartoon. They were stuck in an avalanche. I thought, what if I had a couple of characters who also got stuck in an avalanche. However, instead of it being fun, it would be awful: Surviving against the elements, trying not to kill each other, oh and did I mention they are going through a divorce? That story is one of a second chance romance.

How do you get inspired to write? 

I usually read or watch a movie to get inspired. I barely make it twenty minutes in before I’m twitching to get back to my stories.

What do you do while having writers block?

Unfortunately, I have writer’s diarrhea…meaning the stories JUST WON’T STOP! LOL! I have had blocks on my stories though and I tend to work them out in the shower. The shower is the only place I can free my head from distractions and think it out. Oftentimes, I will talk it out with the hubby and he’ll help me get past a road block.

What kind of stories do you write? 

I actually write all sorts. However, they all have a romantic theme. I have a paranormal romance, Apartment 2B, that’s already out and carries the most five star reviews. I also have two different series that follow different couples. One is a rock star series that people seem to love. I’ve written suspense stories. Cop drama. An angels/demons story releases next week. And, I just finished a STEAMY historical novel. Also, up my sleeve, I’m writing a horror novel under a pen name. I even have a sci-fi story in my head lol.

Who are your favorite authors? 

My favorites are Colleen Hoover (amazing chick with amazing stories), Ella Fox (she is my mentor), and Pepper Winters (I’m in love with her dark, poetic writing.)

How long have you been writing?

I started writing in November of 2014. Since then, I have published 11 novels…the 12th comes out next week. I’ve completed fourteen total and keep on plugging away.

What are your books about? 

Moth to a Flame
Moth to a Flame – A girl on the run from a stalker settles into a small town and falls in love with a home builder with secrets. My Breaking the Rules series follows a bunch of steamy stories of an architect firm. My Vegas Aces series is about broken, emotional rock stars that kick their bad boy ways for love. Love and Law is about a female cop who goes undercover to take down a huge drug ring and ends up falling for the main bad guy. Apartment 2B is about a woman that escapes the awful abuse of her mother and falls in love with a mysterious man in her new apartment building despite all of her OCD and past issues. Erased is a co-written book with Elle Christensen that is about a woman that must throw out her life for a new one when her father’s job puts her in danger…of course she will fall for her caretaker. And Alpha & Omega, coming soon, is about an angel that falls in love with someone destined for Hell. :D

What are you currently working on? 

I just finished book one in my Becoming Her Series which is historical romance set in the late 1800s in London. Becoming Lady Thomas is about a woman that is set to marry her childhood sweetheart. But, when her father informs the family of his mountains of debt, she soon learns that he negotiated for Lord Thomas to take the hand of one of the daughters of his choosing in marriage. Elisabeth is devastated when he chooses her and that’s where it becomes complicated. He whisks her away to the city and she soon realizes that unplanned love is oftentimes what is meant to be versus the kind of love we think we want. IT IS THE STEAMIEST STORY I HAVE WRITTEN…so don’t let the time frame deter you. I’m hoping to put this one out for free!

What do you do when not writing? 

What? There is such a thing? Just kidding. I am quite obsessed with graphic design and you’ll see me making teasers and covers in Photoshop when not writing. My husband and I also love going to concerts…big rockers! Mostly, my husband, kids, and I just sit at home and chill. We’re kind of boring lol. All the action takes place in the books!

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About the Author:
K. Webster loves my husband of 11 years and sweet kids. Her passions include reading, writing, graphic design, and shopping! She absolutely loves social media and the power of how it connects people all over the world. You can usually find her easily on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads!
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