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July 15, 2015

Review: Freckled Venom Skeletons by Juliette Douglas

by Claire Rees

Freckled Venom Skeletons
Skeletons, book three of Juliette Douglas's Freckled Venom series, begins a few years after book two ends. Ezra's store and the town have rebuilt itself after the fire. Rawley and Lacy have settled down with their daughter Hannah and their adopted sons. All is wonderful until an old bad guy called Kannon comes back into town. Lacy and Rawley have a feeling that he is up to no good but he soon moves on again  and out of their town, or so they think. Until Rawley and Lacey are alerted that the children have been kidnapped from the school and the teacher had been tied up and left at the school house alone.

Lacy and Rawley immediately saddle up and go after the kidnappers. We also hear the story from the children's point of view, and during their time with the kidnappers, they get up to lots of mischief and mayhem, trying to escape.

The book was written very well and fits in nicely with the two before it. For me, having loved the first two books I very much enjoyed reading what had happened in the characters lives since I was last reading about them. I instantly fell in love with Hannah, Rawley and Lacey's daughter, as she reminded me of Lacy when Rawley first met her, wild and unruly. She stands up for her friends and family also. Her along with Cotton and the other children make this a wonderful read and I thoroughly enjoyed it when they got ‘one over’ on the kidnappers. The ending was great and was how I would imagine it to be. If you are a person who enjoys adventure, and characters with a lot of personality then this trilogy are the books for you.

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Book info:
available formats: ebook and print (276 pages)
published: June 2015
ISBN13: 978-1512173789
genres: westerns, romance
read: July 2015

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  1. I had to come over and find out what in the world this book was. That is an intriguing title and the cover is awesome. I'd love to read this series. So me!!