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October 16, 2015

Halloween Flash Fiction: Soul Cakes by Patricia Hollett

Squeaking sounds from the rusty black lamplight that swung against the metal post resonated off the buildings on the narrow cobblestone street. Soft amber light helped guide Annie’s way along the street.

It would be light soon, and she needed to get home before the kids woke. The last customer paid her enough to buy the soul cakes she would give the kids for All Souls Eve later that night.

Her shoes clacked as she walked briskly down the quiet street in Whitechapel. The other night ladies talked of recent murders in the area. Hearing steps behind her alarmed her at this time of the morning. The steps grew louder so she picked up her pace, but her shoes caught on her long skirt threatening to trip her.

The echo of steps behind her stopped, and she let out a heavy sigh. Relieved, she was alone again she walked slower to catch her breath.

The scuffle of feet from someone in the alleyway beside her startled her, and she turned to look but it was too late. The predator was upon her. One arm swung around her chest, and winded her. Pulling her into him, the grip tightened. To her horror, she spied a knife under the lamplight in his other gloved hand. Annie fought to pull away, but the stranger held her tight. She tried to scream. An excruciating pain pierced her neck, slicing across. The soul cakes she cradled in her arm fell as her arm dropped limp. Shock and pain shot through her whole body, causing her to shudder. Hot liquid oozed down her neck. Her eyes fluttered, feeling the energy drain from her body, and then everything went dark. Soul cakes lay on the ground drizzled with her blood.

About the Writer:

A fashion design graduate, Patricia is a mother of three, enjoys working on various creative projects, and runs a Canadian savings group. She has completed several short stories and is currently working on completion of a novel. She continues to work on honing her craft and learning as much as possible about writing.

Writers were asked to submit a Halloween themed original story that was up to 300 words in length. Each Friday until Halloween, a new story will be featured. Please give these brave individuals applause by leaving a comment.

photo credit: The Loneliness of the Ludite via photopin (license)
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  1. Nice story, I really liked the 4th paragraph, I felt that relief!