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January 24, 2016

"Charming Read" ~ Pudding, Poison & Pie by Sigrid Vansandt

Snow is falling, puddings are rising and hearts are heating up in Marsden-Lacey this Christmas. Helen and Martha enter the village's First Annual Pudding and Pie Bake-Off and quickly find themselves up to their elbows in meringue, marmalade and murder.

But before the baking teams square off, the girls are invited to a lonely, ancient estate to evaluate a manuscript that's been buried in a dusty Jacobean library for hundreds of years. Martha is sure the old house is haunted and Helen wants Mr. Brickstone, their client, to keep his hands to himself.

The girls will have to blend no-nonsense Southern charm with Yorkshire grit to avoid running afoul of a half-baked killer. With a sprinkle of fun and a dash of love, Martha and Helen will tempt hearts and try to taste sweet success at the most treacherous bake-off Yorkshire has ever whipped up.

Fun to read ~ Julie Writes

Great characters and storyline ~ Paula

Thoroughly entertaining ~ Marsha Nelson Carr

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