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February 22, 2016

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review by Elisa Hordon

One Little Wish

We met Mack Montgomery in Seasoned book 7 in the Lacey Luzzi mysteries and, seriously, if you didn't fall for that hunk of a man then you need to go back and read Seasoned again.

I was really excited when Gina Lamanna announced Mack would be getting his own book - One Little Wish. The fact we now know it's book 1 in a new series is even more exciting for me.

Mack is seriously swoon worthy, charismatic and just plain HOT. He is heading back to his home town of Luck, Texas. Mack has not been home in 10 years and he is excited and a tad nervous to be heading home. Excited he gets to catch up with old school mates but nervous to see her again: Scarlett. The one woman Mack has always loved, the one he let get away, or more to the point, the one woman he left behind when he ran away. Seeing Scarlett again makes Mack really nervous but he hides it well. Mack knows he doesn't deserve another chance with Scarlett but he hopes she will give him one.

Scarlett Powers a small town girl with beauty and sass all rolled up with a lifetime of insecurity that she tries to hide. Scarlett is not worried about reunion weekend; as she never graduated she won’t be attending. Once she finds out Mack is coming home for reunion weekend Scarlett hopes she can avoid him for the weekend. She doesn't want to see Mack. She doesn't want to open those old wounds up again. She is over him. She never wants to see him again and she will never admit that he is her one little wish, nope never going to happen.

When Scarlett stumbles over the dead body of Fred the local mechanic and it turns out she was the last person to see him alive Scarlett starts her own investigation to clear her name because, for one, she is innocent, and two, she has had enough of being a Powers girl and everyone in town automatically jumping to the wrong conclusions.

Scarlett knows Mack is hiding a big secret. She also knows Mack will leave town again in a couple of days and her heart will be broken all over again. Why couldn't he just have stayed away?

Scarlett is a strong woman but I'm not sure she is strong enough to withstand everything Mack is throwing at her. It’s hard enough for Scarlett to live in a town she loves but with people who spread rumours  as quickly and inaccurate as they spread peanut butter on toast. Scarlett is used to being the centre of the town's attention for nothing good because of her family's reputation but what the people of Luck should be doing instead of gossip mongering, is actually taking the time to get to know people. Then they would truly know Scarlett is nothing like her family and she doesn't deserve to be treated the way she has been by the townspeople of Luck.

As I'm reading this story I really wonder why Scarlett has stayed in Luck, but I really think she is scared to leave, thinking better the devil you know. I also find it hard to understand why Scarlett keeps her nanny job when that woman is just so horrible to her. But the thing is Scarlett loves with her whole heart and little Grey might not be her son but he is her heart, I'm still not convinced he is enough of a reason to keep living in a town that constantly looks down its nose at you but then Scarlett would not be the amazing person she is if she just up and ran away like Mack did, Scarlett shows her courage by staying in the town she loves and holding her head high.

After Scarlett finds out Mack's secret I understand why he left but I'm struggling with why he didn't take Scarlett with him. If he truly loved her, she was worth fighting for. If they really wanted him, he would have made Scarlett part of the deal. The way he did things was just cruel and even though I love Mack as a character, Mack from 10 years ago was an absolute bastard to get Scarlett's hopes up and then crush her by leaving the way he did.

What I loved most about this book is the twists and turns. Just when you think you're close to solving Fred's murder another body turns up, then you factor in Mack's secret and it gets more interesting.So much so you just can't put the book down because you might miss something and you just have to find out if Scarlett's one little wish will come true. What I didn't like about this book is the ending. I was truly disappointed. I thought Scarlett had waited long enough for her happily ever after or her one little wish but she only got part of it that made me both sad and angry even if though I know there will be future books I'm still disappointed this first one didn't finish with a happier ending.

There is a lot of mystery, thrills, spills, drama and a love story that brings just a few tears to your eyes (ok maybe more than a few tears).

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Book info:
available formats: ebook (225 pages)
published: January 2016 by Lamanna Books
genres: cozy mystery

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