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August 22, 2016

Review: Criminal by K.B. Hoyle #MondayBlogs

by Donna Huber

The wait is almost over for fans of K.B. Hoyle's dystopian series Breeder Cycle. The second book in the series, Criminal, is due out this week. Now would be an excellent time to pick up the first book, Breeder, to read for the first time or re-read.

I didn't have a chance to re-read Breeder before starting Criminal, and I really wished I had taken the time. There were a couple of times I found myself trying to recall a detail, but it has been too long.

Even with the lapse in my memory, Criminal was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

For some reason, I thought this series was suppose to only be 2 books. And about halfway through, I was starting to worry about how Hoyle was going to wrap everything up. In case you are of the same mindset as I was, let me assure you this is not the last book in the series.

cover of CriminalI'm both happy and sad about this fact. I'm thrilled that there will be more to the series as I feel Hoyle has created a rich universe that we have just scratched the surface of.

I'm sad because now I have to wait to find out how everything turns out. And if you are a fan of Hoyle you know she takes her time to get the story right so we may be looking at a 2-year wait!

While Hoyle writes with young adults in mind, her books are well enjoyed by adults. Usually, they are sophisticatedly written with complex plots and characters. I think that is why one point bugged me so much. Please note I read an advance copy and perhaps this 'flaw' was fixed before final publication. There is a particular 'clue' that I'm sure Hoyle wanted readers to wonder about, but typically she is much more cryptic with her clues that the reader often glosses over them. With this clue, though, there are so many references to it that I figured out what it meant way before the discovery by the characters.

I'm reluctant to go into much detail about the plot for fear of giving too much away and I would hate to ruin the story for anyone. But we do get to meet more people from the resistance. We also get a look into the everyday life of those part of the UWO as they must infiltrate the Denver compound. Will everything get wrapped up in the next book? Like I said, there is definitely much more about the resistance and UWO that could be explored, but I could see Pria's story being completed.

For those wanting a bit more romance, you will be happy. Though it is still slow as Pria has no experience with concepts like love, relationships, sex, and marriage.

Go ahead and clear your calendar for the weekend, because once you start Criminal you won't want to put the book down.

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Donna Huber, founder & publisher. Donna is an avid reader and natural encourager. She is the founder of Girl Who Reads and the author of how-to marketing book Secrets to a Successful Blog Tour.

Book info:
available formats: ebook and print (419 pages)
published: August 2016 by The Writer's Coffee Shop
ISBN13: 978-1612133881
target audience: young adult
genre: dystopian
source: publisher

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