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May 21, 2017

3 New Romance Novels From Loveswept (@readloveswept)

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Romance Novels from Loveswept

May has been a good month for books. In case your reading list isn't long enough yet, Loveswept has three romance novels coming out on Tuesday.

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Wed to a Spy by

Wed to a Spy
; Loveswept; ebook (259 pages)
historical romance
While Simon Marchford would love to retire and no longer spy for Queen Elizabeth, he's bound to her commands. Once in Scotland in Queen Mary's court, he soon is married to Aimee de Verris. She was sent to Mary's court by Catherine de Medici as a spy, which she is horrible at. Both are caught up in a conspiracy and are forced to escape Scotland. Simon will protect Aimee no matter what, and she might just be able to love him.

I really like period romances that go into some of the historical aspects of the time. Here, that includes court intrigue, how the castle appears, and the complex relationships that royalty and spies might have.

We get to know Aimee and Simon from each other's perspectives, and their discomfort at the arranged marriage is a real thing that neither shies away from. It's a fun trope because of course, they get to know each other as Simon keeps Aimee safe in Scotland and then on their way to England. Their affections develop gradually, and both are more concerned for the other's welfare than their own.

The characters are fun to read about, and the plot keeps things moving steadily until the end. There's a bit of a sudden turnaround at the end; even with Simon's skill and importance, it feels a little far fetched. Overall, this is an enjoyable

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Surrender the Dark by

Surrender the Dark
; Loveswept; ebook (251 pages)
paranormal romance
Benjamin Fuller is a hunter, born with supernatural gifts to destroy vampires. He was blinded by the vampire king as a child, but the magic in his bloodline allows him to still see auras. This is one way he gets around Boston, and the other is that he had lived there all his life and knows the cadences of the city. The tragedy that blinded him led to his family's deaths and dealing with the trauma left him rather bitter and scarred. It doesn't stop him from feeling lust for the strange man that showed up at the bar he frequented, claiming to be another hunter. The stranger is actually the vampire king Tzadkiel himself, healed enough from the damage Benjamin's family had inflicted and hoping to regain the power he lost. Part of Tzadkiel's problem is that he desires Benjamin as much as he hates him, and needs him alive.

The story is characterized as a romance and is part of the Loveswept line. This isn't a romance in the classical sense, however. There isn't an exchange of heartfelt and tender moments, coy glances, or a misunderstanding that ultimately they overcome in order to be together. Ben and Tzadkiel are both headstrong and capable of being vicious. The two men have a lot of trauma to work through, and there is little enough trust once Tzadkiel's identity is revealed.

It's definitely an interesting take on vampirism in this book, as well as the inevitable conflict with werewolves, witches, and the fae. The plot is very involved and sucks you right into it. The relationship between the two men is a sharp, prickly thing, and nothing comes easily for the two of them. Ben's two best friends have their own issues and are just as well fleshed out as our two main characters. The same can't be said of the other vampires mentioned, or even The Morgan, who leads the coven of witches. Still, that goes largely unnoticed because of how much tension and action the plot carries

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A Counterfeit Heart by

A Counterfeit Heart
May 2017; Loveswept; ebook (306 pages)
regency romance
Sabine de la Tour hid behind a male alias and was the premier forger in France. She had helped Napoleon destabilize the continent with her forged bank notes, but with Napoleon out of power, she and her associate have to leave to maintain her safety. This involves putting herself under the watchful eye of Richard Hampden, Viscount Lowell, the English spy she had outrun for years. They strike a bargain, and he keeps a close eye on her, installing her in his mother's home next door to his. But she wasn't the only one that left France with forged documents, and she isn't the only one aware of the rumors that she still has a considerable fortune in forged bank notes.

This is another novel in the Secrets and Spies series released by Loveswept, so characters from prior novels make cameo appearances in this one. Like the others in this series, our heroine is witty and very aware of her strengths and weaknesses. Sabine isn't interested in staying quiet, not when she could possibly do something to save herself and her associate. Richard is drawn to her, of course, and the emotional dance throughout the book is an amusing one to read about.

The end doesn't feel rushed and fits the characters very well

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