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June 20, 2017

Cute Story: Picture Mr. Perfect by Laura Briggs

by Donna Huber

Picture Mr. Perfect by Laura Briggs is a cute story with a few premise problems.
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May 2015; ebook (228 pages); romantic comedy
I pulled this ebook out of my backlog of review copies from 2 years ago. Yeah, I know that is unacceptable, but I am trying to rectify it. Hence, today's review.

Main character Jason Barry is a struggling graduate student who needs money and direction. For money, he signs up with a modeling agency. Finding life direction is a bit more complicated. And it is made more complicated by his photos being the cover image of a bestselling romance novel. Yet, the modeling gig also plays a part in him finally finding direction for his life. His journey of self-discovery is helped by a seminar course and his long-term crush.

Jason and his girlfriend Emily Cooper are both a little quirky and not your typical romance hero/heroine. I really liked these two characters and the dynamic between them is great. Jason's roommates are a little less likable, mostly because they felt immature and it wore thin.

The biggest problem I had with the story was the premise that started the conflict in the story. Jason loses his scholarship. This happens all the time, but it was the way he lost his scholarship. One, he loses it mid-term. That doesn't happen as a scholarship is a contract for a certain period of time, if the scholarship is for the term then it has to pay its obligations. Furthermore, most universities have students paying the full term at the beginning of term. And finally, grades are not turned in at mid-term, but at the end of term so the funding agency wouldn't receive any notification prior to the end of term. It didn't feel like the author had done her homework (no pun intended) on the background details. There were other research-related hiccups, but with this occurring in the opening chapters really made it difficult to continue with the book.

I really loved the interactions between Jason and Emily and they are the reason I kept reading.They are cute and awkward and I would read another story involving them. They have become two of my favorite characters.

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