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October 31, 2018

See No Evil My Pretty Lady by Miss Mae ~ a @Audible_com Review

by Donna Huber

Set during the time of Jack the Ripper, See No Evil My Pretty Lady is a creepy murder mystery.

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See No Evil My Pretty Lady
September 2014; 978-1523652273
ebook, print (234 pages); audio (4h34min)
historical, mystery
I was going through my Audible library the other day and I came across this book. I'm not sure how I overlooked it, unless I received around the time when I had to remove the Audible app from my phone (I ran out of space to do updates). Anyways, it looked like a good choice for the Halloween season and when I needed a short audiobook to finish up my work week last Thursday, I knew it was time.

First off, the narrator is awesome. He did such a good job. He had the perfect voice for this novel. I think he could make the phone book sound interesting.

The 1880s is not typically a time period I read, so I was leery about if I would get into the story. And it was a little difficult for me. It reminded me a bit of the writing of Pride & Prejudice (I'm not an Austen fan). But like I said, the narrator did a great job keeping me pulled into the story.

I liked the characters, though I did struggle a bit keeping them straight.

After the death of the Master of the house, all those to inherit are summoned to the isolated house and must stay there for a few weeks. It is supposed to flush out the murderer. The interactions between the characters reminded me of an Agatha Christie mystery.

I thought the story had a definite gothic novel feel to it, though there isn't anything supernatural or paranormal. It is almost like the urban legends that are told around the campfire this time of year.

It is just over 4 hours long which would be perfect for squeezing in a bit of Halloween reading before Wednesday. It is also available in print and ebook.

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  1. I love a creepy murder mystery. My teaser is up

  2. Thank you for listening, and enjoying the story. I appreciate the time you gave to this.

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    Thank you again. :)