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May 24, 2019

The Hitwoman's Juggling Act by @JB_Lynn_Author ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

I don't know how JB Lynn keeps these stories feeling so fresh. Usually by book 20 in a series I've given up because they have become too predictable. This is not so with The Hitwoman's Juggling Act. You just never know what is going to happen.

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The Hitwoman's Juggling Act
May 2019; ebook; cozy mystery
I stayed up too late reading this book. It is a quick read, but I had a busy two days. I had only planned to read a chapter before bed last night but 1.5 hours later it was midnight and I had finished the book. It was just too good to put down.

Maggie is under a lot of stress after the Bed & Breakfast, where most of her family lives, blew up in the last book. Some of the stress is Maggie's own fault as she doesn't seem to be able to let others take on responsibilities. Granted, there being someone to help is kind of a foreign concept in Maggie's family. And it is only because non-family members are part of the family now - Susan's husband Griswald and Loretta's fiance Templeton. A lot of Maggie's stress is due to her family not acting like the adults they are. Why is it Maggie's responsibility to find them a new home?

I really didn't like Darlene in this book. I'm sure she is hiding something, but she was super selfish acting in this book. She was the one who fought to have Katie come live with her, but in this book, it was like it was almost an imposition. Her husband was not mentioned in this book and I can't remember if his absence has been explained in an earlier book. Is he dead? (There needs to be a character chart for this series because I can't keep them straight). Either way, his absence would add pressure on Darlene to raise her two children plus Katie. But that still doesn't give Darlene the right to think that Maggie will just swoop in and make everything better. I just wanted to shake Darlene (because I'm not violent enough to slap her).

Whitehat makes an appearance in this book. I had wondered if that storyline would be picked back up or if it had ended. Maggie goes to her for help which means we will be seeing her again as Whitehat doesn't do anything for free.

The Hitwoman's Juggling Act is a quick read (like all the books in the series). If I hadn't been so busy I wouldn't have stayed up so late to finish it as I think it only took about 4 or 5 hours to read the entire story. That makes it the perfect summer read. Really, what is better than having a fun book to read at the beach or by the pool?

This book doesn't come out until May 30 so you have all week to catch up on the earlier books in the series.

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