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May 3, 2019

What kind of reader are you?

by Donna Huber

We often hear from writers about whether they are plotters or pantsers. But I think readers (at least those who blog) can also fall within these two categories as well.

It's the first part of the month and several bloggers are posting pictures of their May TBR piles. I've always been a mood reader so I'm never really sure what I'm going to read past maybe my next book. However, I've also been trying to keep on top of my ARCs, particularly those from Netgalley), so I've been planning a bit more. What kind of reader are you?

In April, I had 5 ARCs from Netgalley and 1 in paperback. I usually only read a total of 8 - 10 books (including audiobooks) so I really had to plot my reading last month. I read all but one of the ARCs. Oh, and there was the book for my book club which I didn't get finished before my book club met last night. Did I mention that 4 of ARCs published on April 9? I got one read before April 9 and another by April 10. Then I switched to the book that published on April 16 before trying to finish out the April 9th books. I finished one more of those before I needed to start my book club book.

Thankfully all my April ARCs were pretty different. Saving Meghan and Someone Knows were the most similar as they are both thrillers so I made sure to read Bookshop of the Broken Hearted and Lost Without the River between them.

But I can't be a total plotter when it comes to my reading. Otherwise, it would feel too much like a chore. I have read books that I wasn't in the mood for and wound up not really enjoying them. Luckily I was able to keep a bit of spontaneity in my reading by listening to audiobooks. Even then though there was a bit of plotting as two came from the library and I had to listen to them when they were available.

This month I have a bit more breathing room as I only have one ARC that publishes this month. I have two books I hope to get to this month. I want to read Meltdown as a possible book for my post-apocalyptic book club. I've been binge watching Little House on the Praire on Amazon Prime and I have a biography about Laura Ingalls Wilder sitting on my books-to-review shelf. I have to decide if I'm going to read June's book club book, Bird Box (we meet the first week of the month). But that is as much planning as I'm willing to do this month.

Do you prefer to plan out what you are going to read each month or do you read whatever tickles your fancy?

Donna Huber is an avid reader and natural encourager. She is the founder of Girl Who Reads and the author of how-to marketing book Secrets to a Successful Blog Tour

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  1. I actually plan what I read every month for 4 to 6 of my books and spontaneously pick up any others (I read 8-10 books a month). It's a nice balance because I really am a moody reader even though I am not that way about ARCs. I ONLY request ARCs that I would love to read any time. It limits what I will request but then I don't have to worry about not wanting to read it. ;) Sounds like you do a little of the same.

  2. I'm very much a mood reader, but I do a bit of loose planning. I try to read my arcs as early as I can, that way I'm still excited for them, and I don't have to rush to read and review them days before its release. Most months I have an outline of what I want to read that month, but I don't beat myself up about not following it because I read for fun, so why make reading a chore?

  3. I'm mostly a mood reader (a pantser, I suppose), but I do sometimes have ARCs that I try to read as close to release as I can. And of course if I sign up for a tour, I have to read by a very specific date. I try to keep my reading open otherwise, though.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  4. I've been trying to stick to my TBR's only because I have SO MANY freaking books piled up everywhere that I haven't read yet. It's my goal to get through most of them this year to see if some of them can head off to my local second hand shop. :) Lord knows we need the space in our town house! :)

  5. I am part planner - part mood reader. I do have a calendar and slot in books like arcs when they publish and when I hope to read them. Sometimes mood takes over and I don't read what I plan. For example I haven't yet read the arc The Bookshop of the Brokenhearted, I keep pushing it down the calendar. I would like to keep my reading more open but I find some planning helps as well.