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March 8, 2020

The Lane Betrayal by John A. Heldt ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

On the heels of completing the Carson Chronicles, John Heldt is back with another time-traveling family drama. The Lane Betrayal is the first book in the new Time Box series. If you've enjoyed his previous books then you definitely want to pick up this book.

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February 2020; ebook (306 pages)
historical sci-fi
Unlike the other books I've read by Heldt, the time travel is not by a natural phenomenon. Instead, a time machine has been invented. Another difference is that time travel can occur in both directions - past and future. The CEO of the company sees the great opportunities this secret project holds for the world - the opportunities to benefit him. Physicist Mark Lane can't let him succeed. With the help of another employee, Mark and his family sabotage the company, abscond with the two working prototypes, and escape to 1865 where they hope the last few weeks of the Civil War will be their only source of danger. But if they thought the CEO would accept defeat they are sorely mistaken.

I don't usually read stories set during the Civil War, but I enjoy Heldt's storytelling and his ability to meld history and science fiction together. When I hit a reading slump earlier this week and I was more than happy to know I had this book to pick up. It was just as enjoyable as I was expecting.

I even found the historical tidbits interesting. Historical figures Lincoln and Stanton play prominent roles in the story as do historical sites like the Ford Theater and a couple of bars and historical events like the surrender at Appomattox Court House and the assassination of Lincoln. Of course, we get a nice picture of everyday life in the nation's capital. Heldt does a great job bringing the time period to life for the reader.

The Lane family is a large one - Mark and Mary have four children, Jordon, Laura, Jeremy, and Ashely. The youngest is 12 while the others are adults. All the characters are instantly likable. And while you know that things aren't going to go smoothly (it wouldn't be much of a book if there weren't more than a few bumps in the road) you are hoping they all get out unscathed.

The Lane Betrayal is easy to read and the plot sucks you right in. It's like taking a little vacation from life every time you return to the pages of this time-traveling historical novel.

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