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April 5, 2020

Unknown 9: Genesis by Layton Green ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

A story so good it will make you forget what is going on in the world - that's what Layton Green's latest novel Unknown 9: Genesis did for me.

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March 2020; Reflector Entertainment; 978-1999229702
ebook, print (432 pages); thriller
Every time I sat down to read Unknown 9: Genesis I would be sucked into the world that Layton Green created and could forget all the craziness that is going on in the real world. It gave me a sense of normalcy to be able to get totally lost in a story.

Unknown 9: Genesis is a new series but it has the same brilliancy of all of his other books. He is so good at writing complex plots with characters that you immediately connect with.

The book reminded me of the thrill ride of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. Both feature secret societies, but instead of religion, Green's is about science and the acquisition of knowledge which will lead to enlightenment.

The story hits the ground running and the pace doesn't let up as Cal and Andie fly around the globe in a race to save their lives.

Moments before Dr. Corwin is kidnapped, he sends a note to his Ph.D. student Andie telling her to trust no one - not even family. She quickly learns that there is more to her friend and adviser than she ever knew and what does her mother have to do with it? All this sends her on a quest to discover the truth, but it may just lead to her death.

Cal is a ruined journalist who is seeking the truth behind the last story he wrote. What happened to his solid lead? With nowhere else to turn, he takes to the internet and delves into all things conspiracy in hopes of uncovering the truth. But when he gets too close it's more than his career that's on the line.

Knowing they must trust someone if they are going to live long enough to discover the truth, Cal and Andie join forces in a scavenger hunt of mysterious clues that takes them to Egypt and then to Italy in the hunt for the secret Leap Year Society.

Mingled with this present-day plot is the history of a divide within the Leap Year Society in the 1930s and the technology that both factions want.

While the 1930s chapter provided needed context, it was the present-day plot and the characters of Cal and Andie that I was most vested in. The field of science that is focused on in the story is quantum physics. I recently watched the Ant-man movies and whenever Ettore (from the 1930s chapters) talked about the quantum world I couldn't help think about those movies. The science is pretty light in the story so don't worry if it isn't your thing. It stays on a lay person's level and doesn't get too technical.

I really liked the global trotting aspect of the story. I think it really helped during this period of time that we are all stuck home. I think having it set in an exotic locale helped to transport me into the pages of the book and to block out what is happening in real life.

I'm really looking forward to the next book in the series.

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