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September 30, 2020

September's Best of the Bunch

Did you read any great books this month? I know we did. If you are still looking for your great read, may we suggest you take a look at one of our choices?

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Donna's pick

A Witness to Murder

You know I love cozy mysteries. They are almost always guaranteed to be fun reads, but with so many cozy mysteries out there they can all kind of blend together. So when I find one that has a little something extra, I want to make sure everyone knows about it. That's the case with A Witness to Murder by Verity Bright. I have several 1920s or "tribute to Christie" cozy mysteries on my reading radar. I love the time period and who doesn't love Agatha Christie? So I was happy to add this new book to my reading list. What I wasn't prepared for was how delightful I would find the setting, the characters, and the story as a whole. Read my full review.

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Susan's picks

I couldn't pick just one favorite book this month so I have 2 reading recommendations:
The Lost and Found Bookshop

The Lost and Found Bookshop
by Susan Wiggs
- This is a warm and exciting story about making changes in your life and making the best of a bad situation. It is a great book about a bookstore!  After the death of her mother, Natalie returns to San Francisco to try to save her mother's bookstore.  The store is deeply in debt and not getting the business that it needs to stay open.  With the help of some friends, she works on ways to make the book store successful. The harder   Natalie works on making changes at the bookstore the more, her sorrow at the loss of her mother begins to dissipate and her life becomes so much better than it had been before. This great book has all you need for a light read - a little mystery, a little romance,  friendship and family, and most of all BOOKS!

The Paris Secret

The Paris Secret
by Natasha Lester
 - This is a beautiful and well-researched novel about friendship, love, and family during and after WWII.  It also showed how unappreciated women were as they did their best to help win the war often in dangerous situations.  All of the characters had secrets from each other that they couldn't share because of the war but they all remained friends as they went through cruel and inhumane situations.  This book will make you proud of the women and the work they did and it will make you cry but overall it will make you appreciate their bravery.

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MK's pick

The Silvered Serpent

This month's favorite, despite all the reading I managed to squeeze in, is The Silvered Serpents by Roshani Chokshi. It has so many features that I really enjoy, from the detailed worldbuilding, the wonderful characterizations, magic, mystery, romance (however frustrated because the characters can't get out of their own way) and tying everything together. It's definitely one I recommend to everyone to read! Read my full review.

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Have you read any of these books? We would love to hear what your favorite book was this month.

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  1. I’ve haven’t read any of these but I do like the look of the first one, I like a cosy mystery!