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May 15, 2021

Take Your Charming Somewhere Else by Katie Rose Guest Pryal

by Susan Roberts

Fun book to read

"Rolling her eyes, Lala pulled a bottle from the wall, mixing him a quick gin and tonic.  'Here, take your charming somewhere else.'"  (p 95)

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Take Your Charming Somewhere Else
April 2021; Blue Crow Books; 978-1947834552
ebook, print (294 pages); romantic suspense
How do you find love when your biggest secret is an unforgivable sin?

Take Your Charming Somewhere Else was a fun book to read even though it was about the seriousness of PTSD.  Even though the characters are successful people in their careers, they showed that it doesn't matter where you are or who you are,  PTSD can still affect your life tremendously.

Charlie is a top-notch attorney who seems to have it all - the luxury apartment, the beautiful sports car, and women throwing themselves at him.  But he has a secret that pushes him to continue to strive for success.  When he receives a homicide case to work on, it hits close to home and he has to struggle with his part and his secrets.  Tory is his sister's best friend and an ER doctor.  She's seen it all.  She and Charlie have been friends for several years and even though they flirt with each other, it never goes further.  Can she help Charlie work through his problems with his past and will their love continue to grow or diminish due to his secrets?

Even though this was the 6th book in the Hollywood Light series, I read it as a standalone with no problem.  I enjoyed it so much that I plan to read the beginning books in the series.

NOTE:  The author starts the book with a trigger warning: "Some people like me, need content warnings to allow us to fully engage with and appreciate our world, including books. This book contains depictions of grievous family violence and discussion of child sexual abuse."

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