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August 16, 2021

Plymouth Undercover by Pamela M. Kelley ~ an Audiobook Review

by Donna Huber

I had a break in my schedule between audiobooks so I went looking to see what might be coming out soon that interested me and discovered Plymouth Undercover by Pamela M. Kelley. It came out at the beginning of the month. I wasn't familiar with this author but this light mystery sounded just like what I was looking for.

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Plymouth Undercover
August 2021; Piping Plover Press; 978-1953060211
audio (4h36m), ebook, print; mystery

Emma has tried her hand at acting but like so many before her, she just isn't able to find her break. So she returns home to help her mother run the private investigation agency that they inherited. She finds she gets to do a little acting, sort of, when she goes undercover to solve the case of what started as a missing person but turns into a murder investigation. And here they thought they would be following cheating spouses and workers comp scams.

I think I might need a real vacation - like away from my home not just from work - as I found myself much more interested in the coastal locale than the actual plot of the story. 

I'm finding that I'm not usually a fan of the first book in a series. But this one is a solid start to the Court Street Investigations series. I enjoyed the characters. It was a little difficult to distinguish some of the characters as I didn't think narrator Leslie Howard made the male characters sound masculine enough. On more than one occasion I was wondering who Emma was talking to as I thought it was a female but there would be references to my/your wife which nowadays doesn't always indicate that the person is male.

Plymouth Undercover leans more towards cozy mystery than suspense/thriller mysteries but there isn't the usual cast of quirky characters or funny missteps that often marks a story as a cozy. Still, this book would make a great light read for a late summer trip to the beach or the weekend at the pool.

I will definitely be keeping my eye for more books in this series. And seeing as Kelley's other books are set in Nantucket I will have to look for them, too.

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