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May 28, 2022

The Omega Factor by Steve Berry ~ an Audiobook Review

by Donna Huber

I love Steve Berry's books. They are full of history and conspiracy and suspense. His new book comes out in a couple of weeks and I couldn't wait to tell you about it.

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book cover of thriller audiobook The Omega Factor by Steve Berry
June 2022; Grand Central Publishing; 9781549163852
audio (13h 38m), ebook, print; thriller

I always forget how much I like Berry's books. And The Omega Factor is so good. I also forgot how much detail he provides on religious and art history. I love all the info as I'm not well-versed on the Catholic religion or church relics, but it isn't so great for listening to the audiobook. If you are going to listen to the story, then you need to block out time when you can fully focus on all the early information. Do not try to multitask unless it is an absolutely mindless task like folding laundry.

While it is a lot of details provided, I find it totally intriguing and I learned some new stuff. Like I know that Catholics revere Mary, the mother of Jesus but I didn't know exactly how exalted they have made her and all the lore they've created. I also found it interesting that John the Apostle isn't thought to be the same as the disciple Jesus loved mentioned in the book of John. If you find religious history interesting then you will really enjoy this book.

There is also some conspiracy stuff going on with a secret religious order that is really fascinating. I love a good religious conspiracy like we got with Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. I actually like Steve Berry's books more than I did Dan Brown's. 

Scott Brick is the narrator and he does a great job. He also read the early Jack Ryan books and for the first hour or so I had to remind myself that I wasn't listening to a Jack Ryan novel. The Omega Factor has the same level of suspense and intricate plot as a Jack Ryan novel. I think that is actually how I got hooked on Berry's books - I was looking for something similar to Jack Ryan.

This would make a great book if you are laying in a hammock or on the beach. You can close your eyes and be fully immersed in the story as it is a great story. Oh, but don't forget the sunscreen because the audiobook is over 13 hours long and you might stay in the sun longer than you mean to.

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