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September 6, 2022

Death Down the Aisle by Verity Bright ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

Lady Eleanor Swift is back at Henley Hall and getting involved in village life as a member of the Women's Insitute. Typically, titled ladies are allowed but seeing as she does so much for the village (and doesn't really act the part of Lady of the Manor) they made an exception. They want her to organize the rally to reinstate females as police officers. They worked as police officers when the men were off fighting during the Great War but were removed when the war ended. In addition to the rally, Ellie is also serving as a bridesmaid for friend Constance. Eleanor is plenty busy but when a murder threatens the wedding, she steps up to help find the real killer.

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book cover of historical cozy mystery Death Down the Aisle by Verity Bright
August 2022; Bookouture; 978-1803147147
audio, ebook, print (290 pages); cozy mystery

Death Down the Aisle
 is the 11th book in Verity Bright's Lady Eleanor Swift Mysteries series. Each book can be read on its own with only a few references to previous activities in earlier books. 

Long-time fans may have thought there was going to be a whirlwind romance between Eleanor and DCI Hugh Seldon with that title, but while they are making progress they are nowhere near the alter. There is still plenty of Hugh in this novel and they are both really trying to get along which is cute and really endearing.

Eleanor doesn't have too many friends - the last time we saw her with a gal pal things didn't go too well. Perhaps Constance made an appearance in one of the first two books in the series that I haven't read (I started with book 3), but I wasn't sure if this was going to be a similar situation as it was with Tipsy Fitzroy. It's not.

I always enjoy the books were she gets to interact with the village residents. While I'm glad that she does travel to other places so that all the murders don't take place in the village, I like the characters and it is fun to see Eleanor try to navigate her new role as Lady of the Manor. 

We didn't get to see much of Hugh in the last book so I was glad that he has a pretty prominent role in this book. And he is really trying to find some semblance of a work-life balance (thought that was probably a pretty foreign concept in the 1920s). We also get to know him on a more personal level as well as he invites Eleanor to his home for a meal.

It's a fun novel and if you like historical cozy mysteries then it is definitely a good series to add to your reading list.

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Donna Huber is an avid reader and natural encourager. She is the founder of Girl Who Reads and the author of how-to marketing book Secrets to a Successful Blog Tour.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review, Donna - glad you enjoyed it :)