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January 23, 2023

Murder at the Charity Ball by Helena Dixon ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

The wedding is just a week away. Family is arriving including Kitty's notorious father. Matt, Kitty, and her grandmother have to attend the annual charity ball that raises money for widows and orphans. As luck would have it Kitty's father befriended one of the hostesses on the ship crossing and he too is at the ball. When a death occurs at the ball and her father is the prime suspect, will Matt and Kitty find the real culprit in time to walk down the aisle on Christmas Eve?

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book cover of cozy mystery Murder at the Charity Ball by Helena Dixon
January 2023; Bookouture; 978-1803143019
audio, ebook, print (254 pages); cozy mystery

I really enjoyed Murder at the Charity Ball. It's book 11 in the Miss Underhay series. I haven't read the first 3 books in the series so this is the first time I've met Kitty's father. There are references to an earlier visit which I assume occurred in one of those books. But it is okay that I hadn't read the earlier book that included her father.

Speaking of the earlier books, I do wonder if Matt and Kitty knew each other before the series started and they were already together in the first book. The erroneous arrest of Matt is mentioned as having happened a few months ago. I know that was in one of the books I haven't read. So have they only been together a few months? I know courtships occurred a little faster in the 1930s.

That aside. It was a fun read. There are some great moments with Kitty's family and we get to see a little more of Matt's family. It's going to be great seeing Matt and Kitty together as a married couple. Though I will miss the little chats Kitty and Alice have in the morning over tea. 

The mystery was good. There are a lot of suspects and as we don't really know any of them it is difficult to figure out who the murderer really is. I had my eye on one of the characters though I hoped it wasn't that one. I thought the character could be a great addition to the supporting cast in future books.

It's a light read and I read it pretty quickly. January can be just a blah month with long, cold days, but this book made the days a little better.

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