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October 4, 2023

Lost & Hound by Rita Mae Brown ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

It's cubbing season at the Jefferson Hunt Club. It's a busy time as they test the younger hounds, prepare for the upcoming season, and discuss possible fundraising ideas but it also a fun time. However, when a dead body is found in an unusual situation, the fun turns to worry as it seems some of the hunt club members are being targeted.

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book cover of cozy mystery Lost & Hound by Rita Mae Brown
October 2023; Ballantine Books; 978-0593357576
audio, ebook, print (272 pages); cozy mystery

I'm always torn with this series. On the one hand, I love the characters. Brown has a knack for dialogue in that it doesn't just convey information to move the plot along, but it gives a real feel to the characters. On the other hand, I don't actually agree with foxhunting. I know they don't kill the fox anymore, but I still feel like they are harassing a wild animal for their enjoyment.

I've only read 4 of the 15 books in this series. I feel like I could be friends with these characters and I'm sure people who have reading this series for longer feel like they are getting together with old friends when they pick up a new book.

I like it when the books I'm reading follow the same season as I'm in. I started this book on September 30 and the story begins on October 1. This "real time" adds to the feeling that these are real people.

I find it interesting that the murder mystery is kind of secondary. I've felt this with the other books in the series that I've read, too. They speculate and try to figure things out, but they don't go around questioning people or any of the other things that a typical sleuth would do.  But that doesn't make the story any less fun.

The series provides a lot of historical information as well as details on various other topics. In this book. they are interested in wildflowers that attract bees and butterflies, but they are also concerned about other wildlife. 

For all the information provided, I wish it had been mentioned that in Virginia a person can own a box turtle taken from the wild for personal use but only 1. Sister and Betty pick up a box turtle from the side of the road. I had to look up Virginia's rules because in my state (Georgia) you have to have a permit to have a box turtle and then it is usually only because the animal can't be returned to the wild (at the nature preserve I worked at we had a box turtle with a damaged shell). 

There is another error that rubbed me the wrong way (it's a common mistake that people make) but it might have been a subtle plot point. 

Overall, this is an enjoyable fall cozy mystery. If you are looking for great characters then you definitely should get this book.

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Donna Huber is an avid reader and natural encourager. She is the founder of Girl Who Reads and the author of how-to marketing book Secrets to a Successful Blog Tour.

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