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December 13, 2023

Mistletoe Malarkey by Stella Bixby

Day 13 of our 25 Days of Christmas Reading and we have a Christmas mystery for you!

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book cover of Christmas mystery Mistletoe Malarkey by Stella Bixby
November 2021; Ferry Tail Publishing; 978-1954367081
audio, ebook, print (220 pages); mystery

They've been dating for more than a year. They practically live together. Now, Shayla's meeting his family for Christmas.

In Ireland.

Seamus is a park ranger, shares an apartment with three other guys, and drives a beat-up pickup truck.

How would Shayla have known he was practically Irish royalty?

When they arrive at the airport and are bombarded by camera flashes, Shayla's insecurities move closer and closer to the surface.

An old girlfriend, a creepy uncle, and an entire town are on hand for a getting-to-know-you dinner party. Everything is going well until someone ends up dead.

The Guarda want Shayla to stay out of it. She may be a police officer in the United States, but she has no jurisdiction in Ireland.

Too bad, she can't seem to keep from stumbling onto clues everywhere she goes.

Cozy up with this fun Christmas mystery this holiday season.

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