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February 10, 2011

Don't Forget the Hashtag

FridayReads Modern Love Anthology for Book LoversFriday Reads Modern Love Anthology
Published February 2011 by Shelf Media Group
Read February 2011

A rapidly growing phenomenon is occurring on Twitter and Facebook. Each Friday, thousands of people mention what they are reading. I found #FridayReads a couple of months ago when I joined Twitter. In just the few months that I have been following it, this hashtag has grown from 3,000+ participants to routinely more than 5,000 participants. So what is #FridayReads (also can be found on Facebook here for the non-tweeting type)? Each Friday people tweet (or comment) what they are reading. It may be a blog, a newspaper, a book, anything. Each week there are prizes given out - autographed copies of new books, subscriptions to literary magazines. Now that #FridayReads has broken the 5,000 barrier they don't want to stop there. In an effort to reach 1 million readers this week Shelf Unbound (Shelf Media Group) and @thebookmaven (who started #FridayReads) are offering to everyone that comments or tweets tomorrow (Friday - Feb. 11) a FREE copy of FridayReads Modern Love Anthology (it will be available on Amazon for Kindle users and Google Book).

I had the pleasure of being able to preview this prize. This anthology is composed of four short stories and 1 poem. I have to be honest when I received my copy I wasn't overly thrilled that I would be reviewing a collection of love stories. It isn't that I don't like love stories, but as a single gal that has only had 1 date for Valentine's Day in her entire life, well I might be a bit jaded. But these stories aren't your typical romance stories and I found myself rather enjoying the tales.

The Cartographer's Girl starts off the anthology and sets the tone quickly that these are not the love sick stories that typically accompany Valentine's Day rhetoric. I can just imagine the map maker painstakingly drawing out by hand the maps he uses to discover his lost love and the tragedy he must feel when instead he discovers the truths that she kept hidden.

I might have identified best with Reading Rilke. A passing of a bookstore brings up memories of the girl who got away. Whether this girl was his last love or his true love, she has left a mark on him. The memories inevitably lead to the end - the moments where all went wrong are brought forth (what if I hadn't questioned... just dropped the subject...). As the unpleasant thoughts fade the story turns to what the future would hold should they meet again. And there you discover what love transpired between them.

From a gal who isn't keen on love stories I recommend taking a look at FridayReads Modern Love Anthology. It might just remind you during this season of flowers and candy that love isn't just the mushy sentiment of corny cards, but a profound emotion that impacts your life in ways you might not imagine. You can get your own copy of FridayReads Modern Love Anthology for free by telling the world what you are reading on Friday. Go to the FridayReads Facebook page or on Twitter remember to add the hashtag #FridayReads.


  1. Love your review of the Modern Love Anthology (I really enjoyed it too) you have a great take on it. Nice to find another #FridayReader & look forward to following your blog.