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February 2, 2011

Perfect Start

Picture Perfect by emg78
Online Original Fiction
The Writer's Coffee Shop Library

About a year ago, I discovered a new opportunity for reading - online. Since starting to read these stories, I have fallen in love with this media. Why? Because I get interact with the writers through leaving reviews on their chapters and, in some cases, through private messages. A second reason is I get to encourage new writers in their craft. It is exciting to see them grow as they write more and incorporate the feedback they are receiving. A final reason I enjoy reading online so much is when there is down time at work or I am taking a brief lunch break at my desk I can quickly access a good story. And should the boss walk by, I can just as quickly click a different tab on my browser.

A few weeks ago, I started perusing the original fiction section of The Writer's Coffee Shop Library. I stumbled across Picture Perfect by emg78.  A dark story that so far is only one chapter, but I am hoping to see more from this story.

Something tragic has happened o the main character Emma. What could have happened that terrorized her so badly that the friendly wave from stranger on the neighboring dock sends her into a full scale panic attack? The only contact she has with the outside world is visits from her brother and occasional, but regular, phone calls with her mother.

Emma isn't the only one that has questions swirling around her. Andrew, the stranger on the dock, walks away from his successful life in a busy city to a rather secluded forest home in a small town. He is immediately intrigued by the fleeing woman he sees on the dock. After asking about her in town, he learns not all is right with her.

In the opening chapter, emg78 has set the perfect stage for a story full of twist and turns as the reader discovers the hidden pasts that have Andrew and Emma seeking seclusion in this isolated woods. I look forward to seeing the rest of the story unfold.


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