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March 28, 2011

Another Great Dekker Book: Saint

Saint (Paradise Series, Book 2) (The Books of History Chronicles)Saint (Paradise #2) by Ted Dekker
paperback, 347 pages
Published 2007 by Thomas Nelson
Read March 2011

It is no secret that I am a Ted Dekker fan. I really tried not to do another Dekker book review because I don't want my blog to become Dekker all the time, but I finished Saint before the other 2 books I am currently reading. Saint is such a good book that I just had to read it whenever I had a chance, though it had tough competition from the Jennifer Crusie book I am hoping to tell you about later this week.

I didn't realize when I picked up Saint at my church's library a few weeks ago that it was actually the second novel in the series. Thankfully I have read enough Dekker to not be too lost. Also this book ties closely in with the Circle series that I reviewed earlier this year. Actually I think the Paradise series (which Saint is book 2 of) will answer a number of questions I was left with after reading Green.

The beginning of Saint is quite intense. The story revolves around a highly trained assassin. Do you remember the television series Alias that starred Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow? If you do, then I can tell you that it has a bit of an Alias feel to the novel. You don't know if Carl is working with a terrorist group or a highly classified off the books government agency. And neither does Carl. To become this highly trained assassin his identity has been stripped from him. His only thought is survival and can only recall information that is needed to insure his survival. Nothing is as it seems. A truth maybe a lie or maybe that is what they want Carl to think.

In some ways this is a very confusing book, but at the same time pretty straight forward. Or as straight forward as you can get with a Dekker novel. I highly recommend this book (though you will probably want to start with book 1 - Showdown). It is a great mystery, suspense, thriller, government corruption and espionage novel that will have you questioning everything you think you know.
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