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June 4, 2011

Straight forward medical suspense novel: Lethal Remedy by Richard L. Mabry

Lethal Remedy
October 2011; Abingdon Press9781426735448 
audio, ebook, print (288 pages); suspense

by Donna Huber

After getting my Nook, I signed up for It is a place where reviewers can request ARCs from publishers. I browsed through the list of books (it's a bit overwhelming) and came across a Christian medical suspense novel. I'm always trying to find new Christian books that aren't romances so I thought I would give it a try. I was not disappointed. 

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If you combined the medical investigations of House with the amateur sleuthing of Diagnosis Murder, Christian principles of Facing the Giants, and the feel-good vibes of a Hallmark movie in written form, you would have Lethal Remedy. All the things I best liked from the shows/movies were rolled up in this book. The writing style was excellent, making it an easy and relatively quick read. The mystery elements were just enough to keep you intrigued, while not making you have to think super hard to follow along. For a mystery/suspense lover, Lethal Remedy would be a wonderful beach read, unfortunately, you have to wait until October to get your copy.

I made a rather odd observation while reading this medical story. I read a lot of medical set stories (the possible tragedy, the compassion of the characters in such a setup, etc always seems to draw me in). I don't know why I have been taking note of this because it is just odd. But in several recent stories that I have read there has been a similar phrase. If the patient has an IV it is always noted when someone would hold the patient's hand they were careful (or similar phrasing) of the IV. It was mentioned at least twice in this book. I just find it funny that authors would add in this detail.

My only complaint with Lethal Remedy... I didn't feel the author tied up the storyline about the digital recorder well enough. Maybe it was a plot point that was supposed to distract the reader from what was really happening in the story, but I would have liked for it to have been resolved a bit more.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Lethal Remedy. It's probably a book I would read again. It was a nice change from the pulse racing, blood pumping thrillers I had been reading. But at the same time, it engaged me in a good whodunit plot line. I recommend this book to any reader who likes a bit lighter mystery/suspense novel.

*Note: I sent my review to the publisher prior to it appearing on my blog. I received an email from the author Richard Mabry. In the email, he addressed my concern over the digital recorder and said in the final version there is more resolution to this point. I thank Dr. Mabry for taking the time to email me.

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  1. Donna, Thanks for your nice words about Lethal Remedy. Glad you enjoyed it.