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June 2, 2011

Tips on Thursday

During Armchair BEA there was a day were bloggers shared tips and tricks that were really helpful. Also I'm part of a Twitter group that share ideas, opinion, and tips useful to book bloggers. I know a lot of bloggers out there have information they can share with their fellow bloggers so I have started a weekly Tips on Thursday meme. Link to any post (recent or not so recent) on your blog that provides helpful information to book bloggers.  

One of the best tips I have received was from Cait of The Cait Files. In a #BookBlogHelp chat she mentioned that it is a good idea to leave a link to you blog in the comments you leave on other blogs. I tried it out last week. I did not know how to make the link clickable and again Cait walked me through it. It is a simple piece of html code.

<a href=URL> Text to appear </a>

In place of URL you put the full address to your blog. For me it would be In the "text to appear" space you type whatever you want to be visible. I use Girl Who Reads (works as a signature and also is the name of my blog). Now Girl Who Reads will be a clickable link in the comment.

I really think it has helped send traffic to my blog. I know that I am more likely to visit someone's blog if all I have to do is click the link. Also I often read the comments left on other blogs and will follow links left in the comment section.

I hope this is helpful for you. Do you have a tip or trick to share? Link to a post on your blog or leave a comment with a tip (remember to practice making a clickable link). If you have questions or want an opinion on book blogging, you can use the hashtag #bookbloghelp on Twitter where several book bloggers meet up for impromptu, informal chats about book blogging.

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  1. I've been wondering how to do this! Thanks so much to you and Cait!

  2. I linked a post that is more about reflecting on what book blogs do and how that might change in the future. I through a few tips in, too. Next time I'll be more specific. :)

  3. So glad my tip has helped you out so much-thanks for sharing so everyone else can see how to do it too!!

    The Cait Files

  4. Great tip! I always forget to do this, but when I do remember, I get a lot more traffic to my blog. I need to keep that in mind!!