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July 12, 2011

BEWARE: Vaccine-nation

Vaccine-nation: Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a TimeVaccine-nation by Andreas Moritz
Paperback, 296 pages
Published March 2011 by
ISBN 9780984595426
Read: July 2011 (I think I've been reading it since April)

Please do NOT waste your money on this book. I'm all for opposing viewpoints, but biased propaganda is not informative. I have never given a book a 1 star rating, but this book got one from me. I felt the author was hypocritical and contradicted himself several times. And if I had to read "HIV virus" one more time I was going to scream (the V in HIV stands for virus, so he was saying Human Immunodeficiency Virus virus). He was also very repetitive (which is a tool of brainwashing). 

What I took away from this book:
  1. media doesn't always tell us the whole truth or they spin it for sensationalism (wait! I already knew that)
  2. we shouldn't be pushing for national healthcare (I'm all for informed consent and right to choose medical care and national healthcare could strip us of these).
  3. Be informed when voting (these people are the only ones we can truly hold accountable for the decisions that affect us as a society).
  4. Greed can corrupt people (again I knew that before I read this book).
He did make some good points about eating better, getting plenty of sleep, exercise, and less stress in maintaining our health. But the constant insinuation of conspiracy and use of inflammatory words overshadowed these points. He says the medical industry uses scare tactics to make money off the unsuspecting public, yet, he does it as well. He ties autism, SIDS, miscarriage, etc. to vaccine use. He accuses the medical industry of covering up, using slight of hand, and presenting misleading data. Again, he did this, too. He erroneously reported statistical data. Within any sample where the majority of the population has been vaccinated the sample will have a higher number of vaccinated individuals. So saying that 70% on the 1500 cases where vaccinated individuals really doesn't mean much (an elementary stat course will tell you that). Since the sample does not live in isolation, it must be compared to the population (this is a classic example of comparing apples to oranges). 

In addition to his tactics, I fear he may also be giving deadly information. He does not believe cancer is a disease and that we can heal ourselves of it. He says a temperature of 106 F in a child is not really all that high. 

I could go on and on about why this book shouldn't be read or taken very seriously, but I've already wasted too much of my time on it. I did receive a free copy at my request for review (I have always been curious about the books infomercial authors sell). While I didn't think I would change my view on vaccines, I was hoping for a less biased argument.

Once Upon a Read-a-thon Update: I finished the audio book The Undomesticated Goddess, so will start Room today. I'm on page 65 of Convergence and page 45 of Tribulation Point. Though it doesn't seem that I'm getting much accomplished, the read-a-thon is helping me get back on the reading train after my vacation.
I checked out the mini-challenges yesterday. I had no clue about the book covers and I don't read mythology (I didn't even know there was an Egyptian mythology). I would like to read the Percy Jackson series as the movie was pretty good.

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  1. It is hard when there is some valid (although not unique) points in a book that becomes a train wreck. I applaud you for making it all the way through! :)

  2. Ugggh, while there may have been some valid points in there somewhere all I can say is Polio=BAD and no one understands Autism (I have a kid on the spectrum, willing to bet I know a decent amount on the topic) and using such a confusing and diverse diagnosis to prove an inflammatory point is disgusting.

  3. I have read that book, too, and I think it's brilliant; no less important than some of his other books, especially The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush (which helped me heal a stomach ulcer and arthritis in my hands)), and Cancer is Not a Disease - It's a Survival Mechanism. I am an oncologist and my wife had stage 4 lung cancer. I tried every new chemo drug that came on the market, but the cancer spread to her bones and her liver. After just one liver flush, during which she passed hundreds of stones, her cancers disappeared, except for a tiny speck in her left lung. This guy knows what he is doing and talking about I hope you will never be a position where you need to take his advice, like I did.

  4. The world could really use a book right now that comes across unbiased on this topic. Thanks for reading this one so I know that it's not the one.